WATCH: Mario Lopez Addresses Code-Switching After Trending In Viral Movies: “I’m Attempting To Money These Checks”

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There’s more facets to A.C. Slater  than you know, roommates! All jokes apart, the done actor, radio and tv host used to be lately trending online after he uploaded a TikTok video eating outmoded Mexican dishes with an amazing friend. In the video, Mario explains what he’s eating and shares his address for Mexican meals in unusual.

@mariolopez You know me & the homie needed to give you the lowdown on @Mariscos_el_bigoton & fashion test the products… #MariosMenu #TacoTuesday ♬ Passionate Spanish Flamenco, Spanish(1324022) – tmk93

Followers couldn’t abet but look the swap in Mario’s accent and diction in contrast to his tv persona on ‘Opt up entry to Hollywood.’ The video rapid began trending online as the response became about an all too familiar matter, code-switching. In response, some users said:

Mario Lopez is in the code swap Corridor of Fame due to what

— Ol’ Dirty Dennis (@OlDirtyDennis) November 7, 2023

Chile, every person knew Mario Lopez used to be Mexican. We’re scared that he knows.

— Now, lady… (@C0URTNEYC0) November 8, 2023

I truly hate how so many varied ethnic teams resolve on to code swap (blacks in corporate)– due to why wouldn’t you fetch pleasure from hearing varied accents, lingos, etc.? I was conscious that Mario Lopez used to be Mexican, but it’s so refreshing hearing him communicate with ease round his other folks!

— Valenciaga 👿 (@valenciarrush) November 9, 2023

Lmfaoooo Mario Lopez said toddler I got to code swap y’all ain’t finna conclude my web 😂

— i couldn’t google you (@lysso777) November 8, 2023

Mario Lopez is TOO staunch 🤣🤣🫡, tryna address the web

— Something Profound and Witty (@Parkour_Lewis) November 8, 2023

Here’s What Mario Had To Utter About It

Mario saved it the total diagram staunch and merely said what it used to be, he’s seeking to money his assessments, PERIOD. Even though he attributes the swap to being more “polished” and “buttoned up,” he additionally celebrates his Mexican heritage in the an identical breath.

Good adequate, let’s space the file straight for the oldsters in the succor…
I’ma Mexican-American Actor/TV host with slang traits. Valid no longer on TV! #VivaMexico #Trending #TwitterWildn

— Mario Lopez (@mariolopezviva) November 7, 2023

Code-switching by definition is the apply of alternating between two or more languages or forms of language in conversation. However, in the occasion you know, you know that code-switching is additionally a matter of survival for so much of below-represented teams of parents. Even though Mario laughs off the web response, it does touch on the sobering realities and reach of the topic in unusual. 

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