This LoL champion’s ban price is calm definitely excessive despite Patch 13.15 nerfs

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League of Legends frequently changes, and it’s traditional to appear champions upward push to energy ideal to be gutted the following patch with heavy nerfs. Whenever Insurrection slaps an overpowered champ with nerfs, their uncover price drops, the League community forgets all about them and stops banning them—but now not this champ.

In Patch 13.14, Kai’Sa was, by far, the fitting AD lift you would possibly perchance rep in the game. She dominated both the mid lane and bot lane alongside with her hybrid fabricate centered spherical Statik Shiv and Nashor’s Teeth with 51.31 percent uncover price, 42.2 percent pick price, and 32.5 percent ban price, according to Total, the champ was expose in over 70 percent of the video games in Emerald and above. 

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Insurrection nerfed her with Patch 13.15 by tuning down the numbers on her Q and W wretchedness, and dreadful health. It sounds as if, this wasn’t enough, and Kai’Sa calm holds idea to be one of the principal very ideal ban rates in the game. The original ban price is 27.3 percent and her uncover price is hovering spherical 34 percent, according to

As you would possibly perchance also look, Kai’Sa’s presence in the solo queue has dropped by roughly 10 percent, but avid gamers calm don’t cherish seeing her of their video games. She for the time being holds a uncover price of ideal 49.7 percent in Emerald and above, though Ezreal, Ashe, Nilah, and Draven are in a a lot better dispute than she is. 

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