The Zigzag Yarn of How Lori Vallow Ended Up Convicted of Ruin

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Lori Vallow Sentenced to Existence in Penal advanced in For Murdering Her Two Kids

When Lori Vallow was arrested in February 2020, five months after someone had closing seen her son Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7, and daughter Tylee Ryan, 16, police mentioned she refused to present a straight answer about both kid’s whereabouts.

And now she’s been stumbled on responsible of killing them both and sentenced to existence in penal advanced with out the probability of parole.

After a month-long trial within the center of which the defense did no longer call any witnesses, Vallow was convicted of first-level assassinate within the deaths of JJ and Tylee, besides to conspiracy to commit assassinate within the the 2019 death of Tammy Daybell, her husband Chad Daybell‘s ex-major other. She was additionally stumbled on responsible of gigantic theft by deception for persevering with to fetch Social Security advantages on her formative years’ behalf after they had been tiresome.

Chad is facing conspiracy and assassinate prices for the formative years’ deaths, besides to a payment of murdering Tammy and two counts of insurance protection fraud. He has pleaded no longer responsible on all counts, as did Lori, and can very properly be tried one by one.

Seventh District Center of attention on Steven Boyce ruled in March that Lori wouldn’t face the death penalty if convicted of assassinate, but it remains that you may perhaps perhaps explain of for Chad. His trial has but to be rescheduled since the come to a call severed the two court cases.

Lori did no longer lift the stand to testify, so any story in her words remains untold, but shocking testimony did shed some gentle on what came about to her formative years.

JJ and Tylee had been confirmed tiresome by authorities in June 2020 after their remains had been stumbled on buried within the yard of Chad’s condo in Fremont County, Idaho. All around the trial, Ada County Coroner Dr. Garth Warren testified JJ’s reason for death was asphyxia from his mouth being covered with duct tape and a plastic fetch attach over his head, whereas Tylee’s was assassinate by unspecified plot.


In the intervening time, Lori’s habits has been the field of rampant speculation and scrutiny for several years now, however the request of how she went from eccentric mother to convicted killer may perhaps seemingly be unanswerable.

“I make no longer know if we are able to ever know precisely what motivated Lori to commit such unspeakable crimes,” Skye Borgman, director of the 2022 Netflix documentary Sins of Our Mother, told E! News sooner than its premiere. “But to formulate any answer we should always stare upon Lori thru the eyes of the people that knew her most life like.”

What these that knew Lori perceived to agree on was that assembly Chad changed all the pieces.

“I saw him as the hand and her as the puppet on that hand,” Melanie Gibb, a former buddy of Lori’s, told NBC News’ Dateline in 2020 after the baby’s remains had been identified. “They had been both esteem fuel and fireplace. Not a upright match. But equally antagonistic to each different. So in a formula, they had been their equal match, in that they had been antagonistic to each different. They both had deception in them.”

Breaking News What came about to Lori Vallow’s daughter Tylee Ryan and son JJ Vallow?

Tylee was closing seen with JJ on Sept. 8, 2019, within the center of a time out to Yellowstone National Park with their mother and Lori’s brother Alex Cox—who had fatally shot Lori’s fourth husband, Charles Vallow, that July. (Cox, who died in December 2019 after struggling a pulmonary embolism, maintained he fired in self-defense.)

JJ was closing seen at his Idaho basic college on Sept. 23, 2019. Lori told the college that she planned to open homeschooling her son, who had autism, per the Rexburg Police, which shared images from the family’s closing trudge back and forth to support within the hunt.

John Roark/The Idaho Post-Register by AP

JJ’s grandparents on his dad’s aspect, Larry and Kay Woodcock, reported the formative years lacking in late November 2019, after which Lori and Chad left metropolis and became up on the Hawaiian island of Kauai in January 2020, composed declaring that JJ and Tylee had been fair.

Authorities mentioned they suspected the formative years had been in hazard.

“From the 2nd we first heard about it, it was barely determined from the open that one thing very injurious had came about to these formative years,” Dateline‘s Keith Morrison, who hosted the 2021 podcast Mommy Doomsday about the Vallow case, told E! News. “For a transient time, I explain that there was some hope that these formative years may perhaps seemingly be stumbled on alive. And positively, someone who cared about them, as clearly their families did—what was left to their families—was desperately hoping that they had been k.”

“But, you recognize,” he persevered, “there was the truth is an figuring out as properly, that the final consequence of this was potentially no longer going to be upright.”

After her niece and nephew’s remains had been positively identified on June 13, 2020, Lori’s sister Summer Cox Shiflet—who had previously defended Lori to these that anticipated the worse—took to Facebook to admit that she was depraved, although she was going to continue to gaze where the investigation went.

“Tylee and JJ are entirely irreplaceable in our family,” she wrote. “I really have cherished them vastly all of their lives. There are no words that can clutch this loss. Phrases are appropriate insufficient. Now we have dozens of Tylee and JJ tales that we esteem and part most steadily. We had prayed our hearts out for them and hoped with all of our hearts they had been obtain. But we sadly must face this fresh actuality and our family couldn’t ever ever be the same.”

Police had previously searched Chad’s condo in Salem, Idaho, in January 2020, accomplishing higher than three dozen objects, in conjunction with computer systems, cell telephones, remedy and bureaucracy.


Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood mentioned by Zoom within the center of a June 10, 2020, court listening to that the “formula of concealment” of one in every of the our bodies was “in particular egregious,” per NBC News. The prison criticism alleged the remains had been in Chad’s yard since someday between Sept. 22, 2019, and June 9, 2020.

“This entire course of is really laborious,” Colby Ryan, Lori’s son from her 2nd marriage, told East Idaho News in June 2021 after Chad had joined Lori in pleading no longer responsible to assassinate. “We have all needed to strive against thru it but he goes to affirm what he goes to affirm. He’s going to lie about it. From the starting, they’ve lied about it. So, there’s nothing you may perhaps perhaps make about it.”

In August 2021, nonetheless, Chad’s formative years told 48 Hours that they believed their father did no longer extinguish someone, in conjunction with their mother Tammy. Daughter Emma Murray alleged that Chad was framed; when asked by who, she answered, “I explain it’s barely determined it was Lori and Alex.”

John Roark/The Idaho Post-Register by AP

But by all accounts, Lori hadn’t uttered a observe against Chad since their arrest.

“The tales that now we have heard from her jailers are that she’s reading Chad’s books, she’s writing him letters, she’s dancing in her cell,” Morrison told E! News in 2021. “She composed appears to be caught up within the assumption that she goes to be swept out of all this and brought as a lot as heaven someday within the subsequent shrimp whereas.”

How Lori can have reached that conclusion is an superior story.


Breaking News Was once Tammy Daybell murdered?

Up except appropriate a few weeks sooner than he wed Lori, Chad had been married to Tammy, the mother of his five grown formative years, for nearly 30 years. Tammy died in her sleep at her Salem home on Oct. 19, 2019, her death initially assumed to be of pure causes. Her formative years later told CBS News that the family made up our minds against having an autopsy achieved.

But police opened an investigation, calling the 49-year-former’s death “suspicious.”

Firstly local detectives known as to the scene did no longer discover the relaxation in particular off, Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries told in January 2020, but then Arizona authorities bought in contact with his location of job. “There’s lots of trouble for the safety of the formative years,” Humphries mentioned. “The records that is coming out of Arizona in reference to deaths of more than one people is concerning.”

Tammy’s body was exhumed Dec. 11, 2019, and on Feb. 4, 2021, authorities introduced her autopsy was full and the Utah Scientific Examiner’s findings had been handed over to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Place of work. 

“The contents of this file is no longer going to be made public at this time as it’s proof in an originate and ongoing investigation,” Humphries mentioned in a recordsdata open. “We can open extra recordsdata as it becomes available.”

Though the official file was composed below wraps, Chad’s son Garth Daybell told CBS News’ 48 Hours in 2022 that investigators certain Tammy’s reason for death was asphyxiation. (Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsey A. Blake confirmed as powerful within the center of Lori’s trial.)

But, his brother Mark Daybell added, that did no longer basically mean their mother was smothered. “There’s more facts we need,” Mark mentioned. “We don’t appropriate deliver, ‘Oh, properly, bye, Chad.’ No, there’s composed take care of, there’s composed connection.”

After Tylee and JJ’s our bodies had been stumbled on in June 2020, Matt and Heather Daybell, Chad’s brother and sister-in-laws, mentioned in a assertion to E! News, “The occasions of the previous 9 months have weighed heavily on our family—it has been one in every of basically the most advanced things now we have ever needed to strive against thru. Some in our extended family are composed struggling to gather the truth that Chad can were serious about one thing so terribly depraved.”

“We additionally continue to hope for Tammy and Chad’s adult formative years and their spouses,” the couple persevered. “As a consequence of the field of this trouble, our relationship with them has been vastly strained. As a consequence, now we have had no contact with them or Chad for the closing many months—we make no longer know where his formative years stand at this time.”

East Idaho News obtained an announcement credited to Tammy’s fogeys, siblings and extended family essentially based fully fully on the shocking discovery on Chad’s property: “Because the family of our loved Tammy, we deserve to lengthen our deepest and heartfelt take care of and sympathy to the families of Tylee and JJ. We part the bother of the immense and stunning loss you are enduring. We composed endure and we are able to endure with you for deal of years to return. Please know we are able to continue our prayers to toughen your families, as you are at closing in a situation to properly lay to relaxation your treasured Tylee and JJ.”

“As matters trudge thru the judicial course of,” they persevered, “we pray that each of our families will more than seemingly be strengthened and have confidence that justice will more than seemingly be all of sudden served. We deserve to thank the many individuals of laws enforcement and the FBI who continue to work tirelessly as investigations continue, and the final public who have confirmed such take care of and toughen for our families. We additionally query that our privateness continue to be revered at this time as we continue to grieve for Tammy, and the Woodcock and the Ryan families grieve this unfathomable loss.”

Breaking News Who killed Lori Vallow’s fourth husband, Charles Vallow?

Tylee’s father and Lori’s third husband, Joseph Ryan, died in April 2018 of a heart assault. Authorities opted to learn about the conditions of his death in 2020 after a recording surfaced, purportedly from an October 2018 non secular gathering, in which Lori was heard announcing, “I was going to assassinate him. I will extinguish him esteem the scriptures deliver.”

Per East Idaho News, the context indicated that she was talking about Joseph. Upon extra evaluation, Phoenix Police certain that there was nothing prison about Joseph’s death.

Lori married Charles Vallow in 2006 and they adopted JJ in 2014. (Kay Woodcock is Charles’ sister, so Charles was biologically JJ’s huge-uncle.)

Charles filed for divorce from Lori in February 2019, noting in his divorce petition—filed in Arizona, where they lived—that he was an increasing number of enthusiastic by his major other’s habits since she had gotten enthusiastic with an outrageous offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints whose valuable heart of attention is making ready for the upcoming pause of the sector. 

In accordance with court documents obtained by Phoenix’s Fox 10, Charles alleged that Lori had threatened to extinguish him if she bought in his formula, that the pause was coming in July 2019 and he wouldn’t stop her from being ready. “Mother [Lori] believes that she is receiving non secular revelations and visions to wait on her obtain and put collectively these chosen to are residing within the Original Jerusalem after the Gargantuan Conflict as prophesied within the Guide of Revelations,” the petition reads.

Additionally well-known within the submitting, Charles mentioned that Lori had transferred 2,000 Enterprise Hire-A-Automobile points from his story and had moved a entire of $35,000 among their lots of bank accounts, leaving him afraid she was planning to leave the dispute with JJ. Charles was searching out for sole custody.

The divorce petition was pushed apart that March, nonetheless, and Charles’ son from one other relationship told Fox 10 that his father desired to envision out to put the wedding. On the opposite hand, the son (he did no longer need his name made public) helped his father trudge from Arizona to Texas with JJ that month as properly.

“Lori had most steadily appropriate disappeared,” the son mentioned, “and he had no idea where she went for I explain two-ish months, and so finally he was esteem, ‘Alright, I really must trudge away for JJ’s sake, for JJ’s security,’ and so he made up our minds to trudge to Houston.”


Charles finally took JJ support to Arizona, where Lori and Tylee had been composed residing, and it was at their home in Chandler where the 63-year-former was fatally shot by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, on July 11, 2019. Local headlines reported that the taking pictures occurred within the center of a “family fight,” or “family argument.” 

“I bought in a fight with my brother-in-laws and I shot him in self-defense,” Alex told the 911 dispatcher.

In accordance with Alex, Charles and Lori had been having an argument and he went to intervene, afraid that Charles would win violent with his sister. Tylee then got right here into the room with a bat, ostensibly to defend her mother, but Charles took the bat and hit Alex within the head with it. Alex told Chandler police that he then went to his room to win his gun. Charles was shot twice within the chest.

Alex first told police that Lori had left with the formative years sooner than he shot Charles, but Lori told investigators she heard the gunshots from the kitchen and then went originate air to envision on the formative years, who had been waiting in Charles’ rental automobile, and then drove away in that automobile.

Breaking News How did Lori Vallow meet Chad Daybell?

Lori was first linked to Chad after they appeared on an episode of Making ready a Of us Podcast Network’s Time to Warrior Up in opposition to the pause of 2018. (Episodes that contains Chad and the two of them collectively had been later removed and Making ready a Of us distanced itself from both Chad and Lori, per the East Idaho News.)

Chad, who married Tammy in 1990 in Utah, is the author of lots of faith-themed books, in conjunction with the Standing in Holy Locations sequence with titles esteem The Gargantuan Gathering and The Renewed Earth.

At the pause of August 2019, Lori moved with JJ and Tylee to Rexburg, Idaho. Her niece Melani Boudreaux, who had additionally been residing in Arizona, mentioned in an interview that she moved to Idaho that November.

Forward of leaving Arizona, Melani filed for divorce from her husband, Brandon Boudreaux, who later mentioned in child custody-connected court documents and told media shops that his now ex-major other bought caught up within the same outrageous non secular teachings that Lori started following.

Breaking News What came about when Tylee and JJ disappeared?

A self-identified buddy of Tylee’s from Arizona, who did no longer need her name reported, told the Boise Post Register in January 2020 that she had texted Tylee on Oct. 19, 2019, that she overlooked her, and obtained a answer from Tylee’s quantity on Oct. 25, reading, “hi there. leave out you guys too …luv ya.”

The buddy, who showed the paper a screenshot of the textual roar by Facebook Messenger, recalled thinking the wording did no longer sound esteem Tylee.

“When she lived right here, she spoke back straight away,” the buddy mentioned. “And when she moved [to Rexburg], it slowly decreased in response time.” The buddy mentioned Tylee hadn’t desired to trudge to Idaho and initially planned to lift at her family’s condo, but finally Tylee made up our minds to trudge because she was “protective of JJ, ‘reason he was her shrimp brother.”

The buddy additionally told the Post Register that Tylee had already earned her GED, which is why she did no longer wait on college in Idaho.

In the intervening time, Lori rented a storage unit in Rexburg on Oct. 1, 2019, and visited it 9 instances and once the following month, per the East Idaho News, which reviewed surveillance photographs.

On Oct. 9, Tammy Daybell known as 911 to file that a masked man had shot a paintball gun at her, and she had no idea why. She died on Oct. 19 and her funeral was held Oct. 22.

Chad and Lori married on Nov. 5, 2019.

In accordance with authorities’ timeline of occasions, police showed up at the couple’s take care of on Nov. 26 to habits a welfare check on JJ at the behest of his grandparents, who hadn’t heard from him for months. Chad and Lori mentioned he was staying with friends in Arizona.

By the subsequent day, Chad and Lori had left their townhouse in Rexburg.

Authorities later stumbled on that they flew to Hawaii on Dec. 1, airline recordsdata indicating it was appropriate the two of them.

On Dec. 12, 2019, Lori’s brother Alex died in Gilbert, Ariz., at the age of 51. Post-mortem outcomes released in Would possibly perhaps well 2020 mentioned he suffered from blood clots in his lungs, precipitated by different health problems, and died of pure causes.

His family, in conjunction with his widow, mother, sister and Melani, mentioned in a assertion to East Idaho News: “Rampant rumors of harmful plots and conspiracy robbed the family of their time to grieve the loss of their husband, son, brother, and uncle. Even so, the family finds consolation within the scientific examiner’s finding that Alex Cox died of pure causes.”

Later that month, with the quiz Tylee and JJ ongoing, Melani’s ex Brandon told Salt Lake City’s Fox 13, “I spent the closing 11 years of my existence spending time with Lori and her now-deceased husband Charles. I make no longer know what came about to these formative years, but I know there’s people that make, and they are usually no longer talking… I take care of them both. I am hoping they’re obtain. They’re both appropriate harmless and they did no longer deserve to be serious about any of this.”

Breaking News How did police collect Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell?

In the first week of January 2020, Kay and Larry Woodcock, JJ’s grandparents, traveled from their home in Louisiana to Rexburg and introduced a reward of $20,000 for recordsdata ensuing in answers about the formative years’ whereabouts.

“These are splendid younger formative years. They’re two extraordinarily clever younger formative years, and we need them support. We need them support in our family,” Larry mentioned. “We don’t deliver the ‘D observe.’ We don’t must and we’re no longer going to because we really mediate and we hope and pray these formative years are alive.”

John Roark/The Idaho Post-Register by AP

At the time, the Woodcocks did no longer know where Chad and Lori had been, both, the couple having no longer but been positioned in Hawaii.

“I’m timid for JJ,” Charles’ son told Fox 10. “I’m timid for Tylee. I’m timid for each person surrounding them and their security. I’m timid for my family’s security.”

On Jan. 10, 2020, Chad’s brother Matt Daybell—who mentioned he’d closing seen Chad at Tammy’s funeral—issued a public assertion urging his good brother to cooperate within the quiz the formative years. 

Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island by AP, Pool

“I really have no longer been discontinuance to Chad since childhood,” read part of the assertion. “My on the spot family has had shrimp association with Chad the closing a long time because of our considerations with his non secular claims and explicit books he had chosen to post, in conjunction with his indulge in. We are deeply saddened at the fresh occasions that have played out the closing several months. It’s our hope and prayer that JJ and Tylee are obtain.”

“We need for the truth to be stumbled on—no subject that truth appears to be,” the expose persevered. “Neither I, nor my major other and formative years have any longer recordsdata than what has been reported by the records media. I plead again for Chad to return forward and cooperate with the investigation in utter that this very advanced trouble will more than seemingly be resolved.”

JOHN ROARK/AP/Shutterstock

On Jan. 25, 2020, Kauai Police served Lori with a discover ordering her to stamp the formative years for police in Rexburg or the Idaho Department of Effectively being and Welfare interior five days (the eye remains sealed because it considerations welfare of a minor case).

The Jan. 30 time restrict passed.

Journalists showed up in Hawaii to acquire Lori and Chad and swarmed into Idaho as the case became staunch into a national media sensation.

After she failed to follow the uncover, Lori was arrested on Feb. 20, 2020. After six days in detention heart in Hawaii she was sent support to Idaho, and she’s been locked up ever since. (In June 2021, she was declared unfit for trial and ordered into remedy at a psychological sanatorium, delaying the court cases for months. At her arraignment in April 2022, Lori refused to enter her indulge in plea, prompting a come to a call to enter it on her behalf.)

Dennis Fujimoto/AP/Shutterstock

In April 2020, the East Idaho News obtained a letter sent from the Idaho Criminal real Total’s Place of work to Fremont County prosecutors that confirmed that Chad and Lori had been below investigation for conspiracy, tried assassinate and assassinate within the death of Tammy Daybell.

Lori’s son Colby Ryan told Dateline‘s Morrison in an episode that aired Would possibly perhaps well 1, 2020, that it injure “so powerful” no longer figuring out where JJ and Tylee had been. “And on top of that, now we have 1,000,000 questions. So you may perhaps perhaps’t call your indulge in mother. It’s likely you’ll perhaps perhaps be in a situation to’t trudge to your condo or her condo and stare your siblings. You are appropriate out within the chilly…Fancy, how make you no longer stamp the formative years? That’s all the reason you are in detention heart within the first location fair now.”

John Roark/The Idaho Post-Register by AP, Pool

Additionally sooner than Tylee and JJ had been confirmed tiresome, Melani told Phoenix’s CBS 5 that she “absolutely” felt she’d stare them again.

“I know Lori wouldn’t ever make the relaxation to injure her formative years,” she mentioned. “I make no longer have the answers as to why she does the things she does, and why she hasn’t spoken as to where they’re, but I will’t come to a call her because I make no longer know what she’s going thru. I will easiest take care of and toughen her, and hope for each person to be obtain.”

Melani, who mentioned Lori was esteem a 2nd mother besides to an aunt and buddy, mentioned she saw lots of “judgment” and “lots of lies” within the style her aunt was being portrayed within the final public learn about. “I make no longer know where my cousins are, her formative years JJ and Tylee, but I take care of all of them and I know she’s doing no subject she will be able to be able to to lift her formative years obtain.”

She mentioned Brandon “took” her formative years from her, and denied leaving within the support of or otherwise picking to be other than them. (Brandon was granted emergency custody of his and Melani’s formative years for the reason that “Mother was being investigated for deal of felonious acts across lots of jurisdictions,” per court documents filed in Maricopa County.)

But Melani’s fresh husband wasn’t so determined that Lori’s formative years had been obtain.

“It was a shock checking out Chad and Lori are gone, [that Lori’s] formative years are lacking, people’s doors are being kicked down because they may be able to’t obtain the formative years,” Ian Pawloski additionally mentioned within the interview

Ian mentioned that he bought a call from his indulge in mother, who told him that Melani’s ex had alleged that Melani and Lori had been in a doomsday cult, that Chad was a cult leader and that they had plotted to extinguish Brandon and succeeded in killing Charles Vallow.

So, Ian agreed to trudge refer to the police, and FBI brokers had been there as properly. “I was originate to sharing all the pieces I knew at that level,” he mentioned.

And, he added, “It appears to be like the records I shared with them appropriate became into this nationwide frenzy.”

(Firstly printed June 13, 2020, at 7 a.m. PT)

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