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by Marino – Brad Lynch on

We can all agree that as of late is 11/11.

Breaking News Dan definite does a lot to protect everybody entertained!
Dan definite does a lot to protect everybody entertained!

Welcome to the most contemporary version of the Big Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am elated to be your host as we see aid at the most attention-grabbing neighborhood creations from the outdated week.

Real off the bat, I want to thank everybody who streamed and donated all over the neighborhood Extra Lifestyles event final weekend. The neighborhood streams by myself raised over $35,000, which is largely a yarn for the Big Bomb crew for these that subtract workers contributions to the crew whole.

Listed below are some basic stats as of 11/11/2023. The Big Bomb Extra Lifestyles crew is within the top 20 on the leaderboards. With the staff streams underway, that is completely sure to acquire better. The tip fundraiser for the crew is Anthony Thomas/atrainn at $6,159. No longer a single member of the crew is for the time being sitting at $0. Each person has at the least one donation.

Cool recent merchandise is coming to the Big Bomb store within the raze! There’s recent apparel on the horizon, nonetheless the huge one has to be hand-carved and woodcut printed Big Bomb Posters from Simply A Jar Press! Simply be warned, this capacity that of these are handmade posters, completely 100 uniquely printed posters will be on hand as well as 10 Restricted Edition + numbered holofoil prints.

By the use of an update with the video participant and missing podcasts within the RSS feed, dtoast made an announcement on the gap. He’s talked to with regards to each member of the engineering crew and the crew is responsive to the failings, the product supervisor is responsive to the failings, and the engineering supervisor is responsive to the failings. He’s quiet reporting and advocating for what he can alongside the style and thanks everybody for sending in malicious program reports and tickets and understands folks’s frustrations.

Breaking News Big Bomb’s Extra Lifestyles 2023 Recordsdata

Breaking News 11 years and counting!
11 years and counting!

Or no longer it is time to acquire pleasure from the staff streams for Extra Lifestyles 2023! That’s correct, after web hosting over a dozen neighborhood streams, the gap will now be transferring to web hosting a smattering of in-person studio-essentially based streams for your pleasure. When you occur to is probably going to be questioning when all of this would possibly maybe occur, here are the times!

  • Saturday, November 11th
    • 9AM-3PM Eastern: Grubb & Mates
    • 3PM-3AM Eastern: Big Bomb West ft. GameSpot Mates
  • Saturday, November 18th
    • 12PM-8PM Eastern: Big Bomb Midwest ft. The Windbag – Live from the Dancave

And as used to be the case final week, here are the well-known links to all of the articles and donation pages so that you just can overview and take word of. For these asking about streaming well after Extra Lifestyles’s Game Day event, that is horny! I would attach a matter to that you just ping me on social media @GBDudersFeed on Twitter and on Bluesky so your streams obtain some additional consideration. Extra Lifestyles doesn’t reset its donation pages till the initiate of 2024, so, you earn till December thirty first, 2023 to donate and stream!

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Legit has modified the poke of my life. From S1 working bootleg tourneys for the Big Bomb neighborhood and FourWude serving to me obtain indifferent for my first Ultimate Round, to being adopted by Florida, catching that fire for commentary in COVID period and the fabulous folks and moments between.

— VectorSpecter, Uninteresting and Loving It (@AVectorSpecter) November 8, 2023

I have not done this in multiple years, nonetheless Imma be streaming for #EXTRALIFE for the @giantbomb crew on November 16 at 8AM CST to at the least 8PM! Since here is the one year of Dungeon RPGs Imma mostly be going during the worthy amount of Dungeon RPGs that released this one year @GBDudersFeed

— UT (@UltTrainer) November 10, 2023

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Breaking News I feel attacked.
I feel attacked.

A Fresh GB Album Club Cycle Is Coming! Come Submit Stuff! (By: @unclejam23)

The Community Album Club is coming spherical all another time! Whether or no longer you is probably going to be an audiophile or correct somebody who must are attempting recent song, to welcomes everybody! Click the link above and comment that you just in fact decide on to be a part of the fun!

Jusant Is The Twenty fourth Resolution Of Year 2 Of The UUGPGC! Enact By November 20, 2023. Tag All Spoilers! +

Ghost Tune Is The Twenty third Resolution Of Year 2 Of The UUGPGC! SPOILERS OPEN! (By: @bigsocrates)

Breaking News Contain you ever enjoyed the mountain climbing on this game?
Contain you ever enjoyed the mountain climbing on this game?

Jusant is the Twenty fourth substitute of the Big Bomb neighborhood Game Go Game Club! Contain any of you checked out the sport ensuing from Game Go? What are your impressions of its mountain climbing-essentially based gameplay?

The Community Game Go Game Club has officially opened its dialogue of Ghost Tune as a lot as story and spoiler discussions! What had been your thoughts relating to the sport’s story? What lift out you choose on to earn developer Matt White to form out subsequent?

Breaking News Art

Discord Photoshop Edits (By [in order]: REFERENDAPANDA, @kyary, @kone, and REFERENDAPANDA)

The Big Bomb Discord, in correct build, used to be on rather a photoshop temper final week and ended up making a batch of photoshop edits essentially based on neighborhood requests. When you occur to decide on to earn to send in Big Bomb meme demand or enjoy these edits as they occur, click the link to be a part of the Discord!


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Breaking News Someone else enjoy The Finals beta?
Someone else enjoy The Finals beta?

Beta Chronicle: The Finals (By: @nateandrews)

nateandrews played 20 hours of the beta for The Finals and came away mostly certain from it. Read all about what he view used to be correct as well as what he thinks needs instantaneous enhancements. When you occur to earn played the sport, give this a read and feel free to drop a comment.

Three Years In The Xbox Sequence Lacks Identification. Playing Out The String Or Serene Earlier than The Storm? (By: @bigsocrates)

Breaking News How lift out you price the Xbox Sequence consoles?
How lift out you price the Xbox Sequence consoles?

We are now three years into the Xbox Sequence X|S console cycle. Has this been a profitable pivot for Microsoft’s console ecosystem? Is there a compelling reason to earn an Xbox? bigsocrates discusses these aspects in-depth for your reading pleasure. Additionally, bigsocrates checked out The Pathless by developer Big Squid and penned an essay on why the sport’s post-game being an enchancment over the first campaign is a lesson more games would possibly maybe maybe be taught from and emulate!

Indie Game of the Week 345: Quarantine Circular +

Mega Archive CD: Section VII: From Ecco the Dolphin to Jangou World Cup (By: @mento)

Breaking News Off subject, nonetheless somebody received furious that Mento known as Maneater indie. Thoughts?
Off subject, nonetheless somebody received furious that Mento known as Maneater indie. Thoughts?

Moderator Mento has a recent version of their “Indie Game of the Week” sequence and this one is all about Quarantine Circular by Bithell Video games! What did they judge of the 2018 non secular apply-as a lot as Subsurface Circular? Read to search out out!

On high of that, Mento is as a lot as their feeble tricks with one more blog having a perceive at each single game that came out for the Sega CD! This blog appears to be at the “gem stones” that came out on the platform from July ’93 – August ’93!

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Breaking News Why?

GTA VI Formally Legitimate – Rockstar Says Trailer Incoming In December; Will Be Most Dear Game Ever Made (By: @zombiepie)

GTA VI is at final presented! After a rough bit with the availability code getting stolen and leaked to the final public, it appears to be adore Rockstar is assured in what they’ve been engaged on for years to point to one thing this December. Additionally, it sounds adore this would possibly occasionally be the most costly game ever made? Plot you aquire that?

Nintendo Declares Live Action Zelda Film (By: @bigsocrates)

So… a reside scramble The Memoir of Zelda film is coming. With the success of the Mario film, lift out you judge this would possibly maybe pan out positively? Plot you judge the resolution to head reside scramble as an alternative of spirited is a mistake?

Breaking News Are you bowled over at how messy the initiate of MW3 has been?
Are you bowled over at how messy the initiate of MW3 has been?

Contemporary Battle III Already Sounds Messy – Makes use of 213GB, Campaign Reviewing Poorly, And Can no longer Begin Without Launching MW2 (By: @zombiepie)

Name of Duty: Contemporary Battle III is already having a perceive adore this would possibly maybe earn a messy initiate. The storage requirement is 213 GB and the single participant campaign is reviewing poorly. Are you bowled over?

A 2023 Sizzling Mess Will get Hotter And Messier – Microsoft Formally Writes Off $120 Million Due To Overwatch League Shutdown (By: @zombiepie)

Microsoft is now going to jot down off as a lot as $120 million ensuing from the collapse of the Overwatch League. How are Overwatch and Overwatch 2 fans taking the news? Plot you judge the location surrounding OWL is a reflection of the sport itself?

Breaking News Some definite would possibly maybe merely be written relating to the upward thrust and drop of this.
Some definite would possibly maybe merely be written relating to the upward thrust and drop of this.

Or no longer it is November 2023, What Are The Issues Occurring In The Video Game Industry So Some distance? (By: @gtxforza)

With 2023 nearing its conclusion, what lift out you judge had been the most attention-grabbing “recurring” storylines from the arena of video games? How lift out you defective the implosion of Unity with the frequency of layoff bulletins?

One other Gacha Bites The Grime – Cygames Declares World Flipper Japan Shutdown In 2024; Worldwide Shutdown Eventual (By: @zombiepie)

World Flipper, the Eastern pinball RPG that originally received folks buzzing a few years within the past, is shutting down. Plot any of you bear in mind taking part in it? Are any of you worried about developer Cygames?

Breaking News Listing

Resident Go Ranked (By: @odysseyrpg)

Breaking News Flip that frown upside-down and make your earn list on Big Bomb!
Flip that frown upside-down and make your earn list on Big Bomb!

OdysseyRPG at final played Resident Go 4 and decided to update their rankings of each Resident Go game they’ve played. Click the link to see in case your current game within the sequence fared well, and take word of making your earn list if it didn’t.

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Breaking News One of many greatest in franchise history?
One of many greatest in franchise history?

@pauljeremiah‘s Persona 4: Golden overview discusses why it quiet stays a seminal work in Atlus’s catalogue and with its unencumber on Game Go and Steam, it has by no manner been better to check out this gem within the Persona sequence!

@nateandrews used to be in fact hoping that Assassin’s Creed Mirage would be the minute-scale course correction that Ubisoft promised, nonetheless that correct is rarely how issues are and why they plot no longer judge the sport doesn’t work.

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Big Bomb Game of the Year Awards

Breaking News No Caption Equipped

We’re highlighting this one all another time this capacity that of Marino view he used to be done with building the Big Bomb GOTY hub final week, nonetheless then he spent loads of days digging through some feeble CMS entries on the aid discontinue of the gap. Why would he lift out that? Clear-cleave. Now, each single deliberation podcast, video, roundup article, and customer list is straight away related to each one year’s GOTY web roar. Simply check the Video and News tab on each web roar.

A few issues from Big Bomb Game of the Year 2009 are uneditable in CMS for some reason, nonetheless the links on the wiki web roar itself quiet work.

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