Restful Hill director’s next game Slitterhead debuts early explore at the monster-whacking

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Breaking News A man fearful on the flooring earlier than a silhouetted skeletal monster in Slitterhead's teaser trailer.
Image credit score: Bokeh Recreation Studio

Two years ago, a team made up of aged Restful Hill builders announced a horror game of their maintain known as Slitterhead. The debut trailer modified into stout of creepy shape-keen monsters and evocative cityscapes, but relatively light on concrete little print. Now we maintain a clearer characterize on legend of a most trendy dev diary that shows a number of pre-alpha clips. Slitterhead appears to be like to maintain a heavier focal point on fight and a handsome playable dogs. Exact shocker there.

In-game photographs is scattered all the arrangement in which by the video, but one of the best stuff begins to illustrate up at the 3-minute mark. Rob a short behold:

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I indubitably wasn’t looking out ahead to that powerful monster whacking, but who’s to bitch when the enemies explore that gruesome? The glimpses at fight maintain our protag outfitted with a bat, a gun, and at one point, enchanting Freddy-Krueger-claws. There’s additionally some more or much less supernatural ability that makes purple energy seep up from the ground and restore the participant’s health. Absorbing the blood of the dull more than likely? Are we the valid monsters?

The creatures in Slitterhead appear to conceal themselves as similar old-having a ogle folks, earlier than opening their mouths and exposing their enamel. When the uglies attain come out to play, they attain so by slits in folks’s heads. For this reason of this truth the identify. I haven’t somewhat labored out the playable dogs’s motive in all this.

Slitterhead comes from developer Bokeh Recreation Studio, which is made up of horror game veterans. That contains Keiichiro Toyama, who directed the distinctive Restful Hill and some Siren video games. Siren’s concept artist Miki Takahashi and personality dressmaker Kazunobu Sato are on Slitterhead, too. Plus, the in uncomfortable health, bouncing soundtrack has none completely different than Restful Hill composer Akira Yamoka within the inspire of the decks.

Slitterhead would not maintain an respectable originate window but. Regardless, the team can maintain some competitors now, as Konami maintain announced a slate of Restful Hill initiatives coming over the following few years.

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