Picture Presentations Pupil ‘Aggressively’ Stepping Over ‘Unimaginative’ Protesters at Harvard

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Harvard University truly looks to be the heart of the pro-Hamas motion in the US. Thirty-six student organizations signed an originate letter blaming Israel for the October 7 slaughter of additional than a thousand Israeli civilians. Or no longer it is now been a month since the invasion by Hamas, and the university crowd is peaceable at it. They seek files from extra protection from the college, though … the Harvard Commerce College held a “die-in” and — derive this — a minimal of one student “aggressively” stepped over their ineffective bodies.

Our response to the accusations of harassment on the HBS die-in. Halt lying to silence pro-Palestinian voices. (1/3)

— Harvard PSC (@HarvardPSC) November 6, 2023

NBC video photos. (2/3)

— Harvard PSC (@HarvardPSC) November 6, 2023


Yet again (emphasis theirs): “As many of of oldsters were laying on the floor, grieving the hundreds of Palestinians killed, a person unaffiliated with the die-in aggressively began stepping over protesters, recording their faces as they laid in a inclined space. Protesters reported the particular person stepping on their heads.”


Not splendid that … whereas the guy used to be aggressively stepping over inclined students, student marshals “lifted their keffiyehs to dam his recording.”

Here’s ugly photographic proof:

Picture evidence of the disruptive particular person’s try to file student faces and step over demonstrators. (3/3)

— Harvard PSC (@HarvardPSC) November 6, 2023

The fright.


Cope and seethe. You chose to be terrorist supporters in public. You furthermore mght can have not any factual to privacy there.

— Ultra Grateful Calvin 🇺🇸🐶🏒 🎶 (@shoveitjack) November 7, 2023

He used to be assaulted. None of you were.

— Whateverdear (@WhateverDearest) November 7, 2023

So what I look is a man who used to be peacefully recording a peaceable demonstration – except the “peaceable demonstrators” determined to assault him. Am I missing anything else?

— Ken Smith (@smithkl42) November 7, 2023


so recording and posting the face of the ‘particular person’ is okay. but his recording of protesters used to be no longer?

and this particular person used to be ‘disruptive’, but the ‘die in’ used to be no longer?

— bitbutter (@mormo_music) November 7, 2023

Will indulge in to you is also gonna play ineffective, you derive what you derive.

Uh…you obligatory to thunder anonymously?

That’s no longer how protesting works.

That’s no longer how any of this works.

— AmishDude (@TheAmishDude) November 7, 2023

“we asked to pass away” and “we asked him to stop taking videos,” neither of which he had any responsibility to discover. Your response sounds extra fancy an request for forgiveness.

— Coco’s Dad (@kilshaw_81) November 7, 2023

Maybe try retaining a peaceable music festival as one more subsequent time, I’m able to’t imagine anyone would disrupt a form of.

— Jeff Richman 🎃👻 (@jcrichman) November 7, 2023

Or no longer it is the Libs of TikTok phenomenon … guy takes a video of students who organized a public thunder to blueprint consideration, loyal no longer that extra or much less consideration. And then they bitch about getting demise threats.

What did he attain unfriendly here?

Impartial getting the note out on who to preserve faraway from hiring.

— Dan Jakaitis (@DanJakaitis) November 7, 2023

The HORROR! Oh, the humanity!

— Robert T. Ives (@Justalurke) November 7, 2023

Why would you stop him from photographing you, except you is also ashamed of what you is also doing?

— Are trying To Mediate Clearly (@Try2BeRational) November 7, 2023

Such bravery in the face of determined and repeat hazard lol

— Sarah 🥨 (@cosmopterix) November 7, 2023

Hi there geniuses, while you preserve a public thunder folks are allowed to movie it. No one has to obey your pathetic minute edicts about where they’re free to pass and what they’re free to movie. The truth that any of you hunch to Harvard is gruesome.

— David Marcus (@BlueBoxDave) November 7, 2023

Is no longer your total level of a thunder to make a doughty public assertion of your toughen for a particular trigger?

— shittyofangels (@_shittyofangels) November 7, 2023

That is fancy all of these folks “anonymously” signing pro-Hamas statements. We’re so sorry you were aggressively stepped over whereas you lay there fancy idiots supporting the terrorists.


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