Payday 3’s First Famous Patch Is At final Here

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Payday 3 has had a rocky launch because it launched on September 18, nonetheless the long-awaited first patch has sooner or later arrived. Patch 1.0.1 dropped currently with a 2GB update all the design in which thru all platforms, fixing somewhat a few the sport’s technical considerations.

The patch is packed chunky of fixes for minor considerations that like nonetheless plagued avid gamers, which you might want to presumably procure listed in chunky below. Belief to be one of many predominant fixes avid gamers shall be tickled about is that every original rewards including preorder bonuses and platform-particular items like now been allocated accurately. The one exception is the weapon appeal and death desire reward from a Payday 2 depraved-promotion, which Starbreeze Studios says it hopes to repair by the next patch.

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The developers in the help of Payday 3 like apologized a lot of conditions for the sport’s messy begin, and the patch is a first step in direction of fixing its considerations–and its reputation with avid gamers. While the sport could presumably yet realize its possible thru future patches and updates, on the time of writing Steam charts expose Payday 2 smooth has far more avid gamers than the more latest begin, with avid gamers interestingly preferring to stick with the final decade-earlier recreation.

True thru the begin, Starbreeze Studios has shown or not it is willing to position in the bid to present a enhance to the sport, listening to player feedback and being begin in regards to the challenges the dev group has encountered. In a latest update, the studio explained that it found out a serious error in its update course of, which introduced on the initial patch to be pushed help to halt faraway from presumably corrupting player knowledge. It moreover acknowledged it modified into once taking a gape at systems to present a enhance to the sport’s development draw, which has been unpopular with avid gamers, and dedicated to adding more speak material to the sport by the pinnacle of the year.

The chunky list of patch notes could presumably even be found out below.

Breaking News Payday 3 Patch 1.0.1


  • Added pre-bid and edition particular items to all people
  • Excellent radio call will now provide a final warning sooner than apprehension goes off, and could presumably not be interrupted by thoroughly different radio dialogues
  • Gamers can now not flip the camera all the design in which thru the chunky tased enact
  • Added a fix for the “Cleanin’ It Out” success to pop up when the components is met
  • Mounted an disaster where the player doesn’t be triumphant in “Flee” when overlaying up while sprinting
  • Mounted an disaster where the player could presumably bind “Throw merchandise” and “Interrogate overkill weapon” to the identical keybind
  • Up to this level the aim motivate design for PS5 controllers
  • Closing or opening doorways will now not push/transfer avid gamers in close proximity
  • Mounted a break introduced on when answering a radio
  • Mounted a break that can occur when vaulting attain the heist halt
  • Mounted an disaster where avid gamers bought stuck in crouch when fiddling with high ping
  • Added a fix so Overkill weapons don’t fall thru vehicles
  • Mounted so the educational scroll field is scrollable the 2d time you begin an tutorial popup
  • Added a fix for a break introduced on by a lot of explosions
  • Mounted an disaster where the “Closing the Account” trophy didn’t release correctly
  • Mounted so the success “Cleanin’ it out” desires to be carried out on Overkill
  • Mounted disaster with marking even supposing some windows
  • Added a fix to forestall avid gamers from getting stuck when the utilization of a human defend that dies
  • Mounted a DLSS related break
  • Mounted an disaster where the player can accept stuck and not persevering with to menus after failing a heist
  • Eradicated a instruct test to repair disaster with AI positioned baggage having inappropriate rotation
  • Added a fix so recreation acquired’t break when becoming a member of one other player thru social or shell
  • Mounted an disaster with the social list not filling up
  • Mounted an disaster where a celebration couldn’t matchmake if the frail birthday party leader had left the birthday party
  • Mounted an disaster where social list didn’t populate after reestablishing an cyber web connection
  • Altering languages could presumably smooth now work
  • Mounted a break related to getting a random personality when becoming a member of a recreation
  • Mounted a break related to IP tackle
  • Closed the weapon experience exploit in Ninety 9 Bins


For this patch, we desired to essentially tackle minor fixes.

We’re conscious that Excellent Man Standing and Armor Up are performing a small bit too neatly, so we idea to present them a few tweaks that motivate them effective, nonetheless require a small bit more setup in comparison to the advantages they offer. This could presumably also very neatly be in the next huge patch. Exterior of these two abilities, we don’t demand any huge nerfs coming to abilities in the next patch, nonetheless given avid gamers are smooth getting extinct to the sport, we’ll be maintaining a detailed procure out about on the meta.

We’re moreover conscious that armor is idea of as presumably the most neat helpful resource in comparison to ammo and neatly being. We’re tickled with how armor itself works, nonetheless we must place in a few more systems for avid gamers to revive it in the sport. We moreover assume neatly being is underperforming honest straight away, nonetheless addressing that shall be a slack commerce over the first year of updates, rather then one sweeping update.


  • Using Manipulator Well-liked Skill will now not design an interaction interference when avid gamers set a lot of interactions in a row
  • “Battering Ram” ability can now not be extinct to begin blue keycard door on “Rock the Cradle”
  • “Battering Ram” ability can now not be extinct to begin the entrance door on “Touch the sky”


  • Added ability for knives to be thrown thru broken defend visors.
  • Mounted an disaster where throwing knives couldn’t be picked up when the geared up major or secondary weapon had chunky ammo
  • Adjusted the Vertical Grip spawn level on weapon PC9
  • Moved the journal begin lever on SA A144
  • Mounted an disaster with weapon recoil in lower FPS


  • Dozers will now accept closer sooner than enticing heisters with their shotgun
  • Up to this level the enemy flashbangs to appear at flash enact more consistently
  • Player can now not begin doorways resulting in enemy spawn locations


  • The right meat of this update, the tech stuff! There’s a huge preference of fixes and changes on this list. Continue to let us know ought to you survey any bugs and we’ll motivate smashing them!


  • Added a “Protect these level to changes?” message after changing veil option.
  • Mounted a minor typo in the loadout allotment
  • UI update for desire reward in consequence veil
  • Diminished description text measurement, in ability line menus
  • Added ability for avid gamers to set up the EULA again after rising their accounts
  • Mounted an disaster causing player names, and infamy ranges, to not load accurately and displaying inappropriate info
  • Mounted translation disaster related to the whiskey bottle in “Touch the Sky”
  • Mounted overlapping text in heist overview
  • Added icons for when buffs are blocked resulting from definite abilities
  • Dropdown for offline chums in social veil could presumably smooth now be displayed accurately
  • Added a fix for the camera zooming out of veil when inspecting an merchandise from the vendors
  • Mounted an disaster exhibiting an wrong amount of final radio calls when a player joins an ongoing heist
  • Added a fix for overlapping weapon mod names to set them more readable
  • Player stats are now shown in consequence veil when failing a heist
  • Added a fix so a becoming a member of player’s title is displayed in the chat
  • Added a button instructed exhibiting how to exit the safe cracking mini-recreation
  • The mobile phone hacking visualization could presumably smooth now repeatedly attain chunky when polishing off
  • Mounted locked narrative videos to correctly reset color values when initialized
  • Adjustments made to fonts in settings menu
  • Mounted an disaster with the “sage player” option not acting
  • Mounted an disaster where the person could presumably work along with the menus when the sage text field modified into once begin
  • Added a fix for stock mods “TQ” and “HQ”, their titles are now aligned in the loadout
  • System input is now shown as blocked when interacting with loot
  • Resized the loadout alternative bar
  • Mounted an disaster with becoming a member of a friend in the social menu when spamming the be part of button
  • Mounted an disaster on with chums now to not appear correctly


  • A sound of losing a pointless body onto the bottom will now be played when avid gamers tumble bodies
  • The sound enact of sliding will now cease playing when avid gamers cease sliding
  • Added sound enact for closed windows being destroyed
  • Cinematic audio quantity is now moreover tormented by grasp quantity
  • Eradicated “damage” VFX from throwing knives that don’t damage when Retriever ability is geared up
  • Added a fix for smalltalk between civilians and employees not triggering
  • Added more slight talk conversations between civilians
  • Colour deliver over will now not play, when avid gamers return to the predominant menu after canceling matchmaking
  • Improved the sound enact for opening crates
  • Disabled the Colour VO about file clues when the declare paperwork like already been picked up
  • Wolf now reveal as a change of screams for medic baggage all the design in which thru stealth gameplay
  • Mounted an disaster where dye packs would loop the audio when breaking while being disarmed
  • Mounted an disaster where civilian mobile phone ringtones would loop forever
  • Mounted an disaster that can design procure out about scanner to play wrong VO when scanning the correct NPC
  • Audio balancing for enemy VOs
  • Added more door sounds
  • Added sound effects for NPC animations
  • Mounted an disaster where the human defend takedown sound enact would not cease ought to you reload your gun while choking somebody out


  • Mounted a visual disaster with deployables positioned on shifting objects that wouldn’t sync up for avid gamers becoming a member of an ongoing heist
  • Mounted deployables floating in the air when positioned on a surface that then moved, deployables will now fall to the bottom.
  • Mounted an disaster with deployables floating when positioned on definite doorways
  • Mounted a lot of teen graphical considerations on the entrance allotment of the financial institution on “No Leisure of the Gross”
  • Mounted weapon animation disaster when taking a gape upwards and the utilization of tools
  • Added a fix so that switching between sprinting and inserting tools wouldn’t design considerations when sprinting.
  • Mounted animation disaster when SWATs are releasing hostages acting as taking hurt
  • Mounted an disaster on lower graphical settings causing the door of the damage out helicopter to appear broken. (PC)
  • Mounted a worm where the player could presumably accept within the transport van in a single amongst the pot holes in “Avenue Rage”
  • Mounted a worm where standing on the van would design the player positions to glitch
  • Realigned The Butcher’s contractor image with the underside of the veil
  • Subtitle fixes for narrative videos
  • Mounted a animation disaster when the utilization of microcamera
  • In-recreation heist knowledge veil now scales correctly all the design in which thru side ratios
  • Adjusted enemy sabotage animation
  • Optimized foliage LODs


  • Melee hurt now not impacts atmosphere slight print that can smooth entirely take hurt from explosions/gunfire in Gold & Sharke
  • Mounted lacking collision, in a slight home on the financial institution roof, on “No Leisure for the Gross”
  • Eradicated an home that modified into once tagged as “public” on the roof in “Below the Surphaze”
  • Mounted a worm that led guards to once in a while stroll thru a closed door on “No Leisure for the Gross”
  • Added a fix for the Security Door that modified into once openable with out a Blue keycard on “Ninety 9 containers”
  • Added a lacking out of bounds veil filter in “Below the Surphaze”
  • Deployables now not go when thrown thru vents on “Touch the Sky”
  • Added a fix for canceling sliding into fear room’s door on “Touch the Sky”
  • Mounted the feel of the concern room’s door on “Touch the Sky”
  • “Favors” and “Effort” are now not visible in tutorials when maintaining Tab
  • Gamers will now not deliver when jumping and sprinting within the truck on “Ninety 9 Bins”
  • Added collision to dam avid gamers from getting stuck in the help of a curtain on “Below the Surphaze”
  • Added collision to forestall baggage from being thrown begin air of the playable home on “Avenue Rage”
  • Mounted a vent navigation disaster in “Rock the Cradle”
  • Mounted an disaster where baggage would accept stuck in the forklift on “Avenue Rage”
  • Mounted an disaster where loot baggage would go when throwing them into the zipline on “Touch the Sky”
  • Mounted an disaster where AI crew could presumably accept stuck in “Ninety 9 Bins”
  • Mounted considerations where you might want to presumably throw baggage out of attain on “Dirty Ice”
  • Mounted an disaster where some jewelry trays are clipping in the VIP room on “Dirty Ice”
  • Added so the drill option appears all the design in which thru Stealth on “Touch the Sky”
  • Disabled all interaction for positioned planks once all four were positioned on “Avenue Rage”
  • Added a fix for where the Fracture out Objective once in a while didn’t seem on “Dirty Ice”
  • The “Enter the Workshop”-aim will accept disabled if avid gamers stable most loot
  • Mounted an disaster where Mason will get poisoned despite not being delivered the poisoned drink on “Touch the sky”
  • Mounted an disaster where the armored truck would accept stuck sooner than the final ramp on “Avenue Rage”
  • Mounted an Overkill instruct of affairs disaster where the bouncer wouldn’t permit you proceed after exhibiting him the VIP invitation on “Rock the Cradle”
  • Adjusted the ambush setup timer on “Avenue Rage”
  • Added collision to forestall cage baggage falling thru the bottom on “Rock the Cradle”
  • Added a fix so avid gamers can’t throw the zipline fetch in the damage out van on Gold & Sharke


  • Effort stuck at 1/1 can now be unlocked by polishing off the anxiety again or polishing off the very best instruct of affairs anxiety in the sequence
  • The weapon charms and death desire reward from the PAYDAY 2 to PAYDAY 3 depraved promotion campaign haven’t been correctly granted. We hope to love this disaster absolutely resolved by the next patch

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