OnPolitics: Cocaine point to in the White Apartment prompts evacuation, investigation

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Hello OnPolitics readers! Right here’s a gaze at the most in style mystery in Washington: Cocaine was point to in a White Apartment lobby, prompting an evacuation and a Secret Service investigation.

Wait, for lunge? Sure, agents stumbled on cocaine Sunday evening in the White Apartment’s West Hover lobby, where visitors can enter the building sooner than taking interior most tours, USA TODAY’s Joey Garrison reports.

White Apartment team can give West Hover tours to visitors who struggle thru background screenings sooner than being allowed in the building. Company and team additionally want to struggle thru metallic-detector screenings.

What to know: Officers haven’t confirmed whether an individual on a tour left the illegal pills. Anthony Guglielmi, a Secret Service spokesman, did verify to USA TODAY that the cocaine was stumbled on sooner or later of the reception house.

President Joe Biden was far from the White Apartment when the substance was stumbled on. The president returned to the White Apartment on Tuesday morning after spending time at Camp David.

Maintain studying: The do was the cocaine point to in the White Apartment? A lobby where visitors enter West Hover

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