Newly found dinosaur roamed South-East Asia 200 million years ago

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Fossils unearthed in Thailand were identified as a brand recent species of dinosaur that fed on plants and roamed the wilds of South-East Asia

By Sofia Quaglia

Breaking News Minimocursor phunoiensis become as soon as say in Thailand

Minimocursor phunoiensis become as soon as say in Thailand

Sita Manitkoon, Uthumporn Deesri, Bouziane Khalloufi, et al.

An antelope-sized dinosaur that grazed on plants and roamed South-East Asia some 145 million to 200 million years ago has been say in Thailand. The recent species, named Minimocursor phunoiensis, become as soon as identified from a space of fossils unearthed in the Phu Kradung Formation in the north of the country, which has thrown up a wealth of specimens in present years.

Sita Manitkoon at Mahasarakham University in Thailand and his colleagues analysed the fossils for better than six years before concluding that they belong to …

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