‘Name Of Duty: Contemporary War 3’ Review Rankings Are Below Redfall, Forspoken, Every COD Game

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As its final act of stupidity sooner than being obtained by Microsoft, Activision determined to stain the legacy of Name of Duty in a technique that we simply possess no longer considered sooner than. In step with inner stories, Activision negated a proposed sequel to Superior War, and had Sledgehammer turn around a brand new campaign for Contemporary War 3 in precisely 16 months, a project that many were to birth out with informed became apt a variety for the earlier years’ sport, but it completely became grew to change into into a “fleshy” $70 providing later.

Now that the multiplayer has joined the single participant in the reside sport, overview rankings are coming in. The result? Name of Duty: Contemporary War 3 is the bottom scored sport in the total historical past of the sequence. Now now not apt that, it’s the bottom by a mountainous quantity.

I’ve compiled the record of every and each Name of Duty sport and its associated Metascore below so you’re going to also imprint apt how great of a plight this is. In reverse chronological uncover:

  • Contemporary War III – Fifty three
  • Contemporary War II – 75
  • Main edge – 73
  • Murky Ops Cool War – 76
  • Contemporary War – 80
  • Murky Ops 4 – 83
  • WWII – 79
  • Infinite War – 77
  • Murky Ops III – 81
  • Superior War – 81
  • Ghosts – 78
  • Murky Ops II – 81
  • Contemporary War 3 – 88
  • Murky Ops – 87
  • Contemporary War 2 – 94
  • World at War – 84
  • Contemporary War – 94
  • Name of Duty 3 – 82
  • Name of Duty 2 – 89
  • Name of Duty – 91

Even though certain, Name of Duty has considered its rankings decline over the closing few years, and it’s never gotten conclude to its MW1-MW2 glory days, it is a 22 point drop from closing year’s Contemporary War 2, and peaceful 20 components below the earlier lowest, Main edge. These rankings draw it the 195th handiest reviewed PS5 sport of 2023 out of 199 complete. The video games below it are the likes of Quantum Error and the horrific Gollum sport. It’s below immense 2023 misses treasure Redfall (56) and Forspoken (64).

This indubitably must be a five terror fire for Microsoft, who needs to gain a handle on this IP and gain away from this insane Activision crunch schedule for pumping out increasingly more dreadful yearly installments apt for something, anything else to promote during the vacation. Rankings slowly sliding into the 70s is one thing. A Fifty three with a 1.4/10 person rating is virtually felony, and whoever greenlit this over at Activision could perhaps perhaps also peaceful be long past and changed as quickly as that you just’re going to also relate of. Used to be it Bobby? It became doubtlessly Bobby.

Name of Duty can no longer die, but this is without problems an valuable afflict that could could perhaps perhaps also peaceful be corrected in time, although which suggests breaking this annual cycle which indubitably at this point wants to happen. They’ll no longer attain this again.

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