Motherboards are complicated. Right here’s how to decide on the trusty one in 2023

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If the CPU is the mind of your computer, the motherboard is the backbone that locations every part together and makes it work as a cohesive entire. With out it, the actual individual parts of your PC can’t communicate with every other.

The principle role that the motherboard performs in the health and performance of your computer can’t be overstated, but searching for a motherboard can positively be complicated. On this info, we’ll demystify the entire process and picture you what it is vital to know in command to decide on the most attention-grabbing motherboard to your wishes.

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Trying for a gigantic CPU or a graphics card in total earn nearly all of our consideration, however the motherboard also comes with its bear listing of attention-grabbing parts. The topic is that these parts have a tendency to be complicated to non-enthusiasts.

Alternatively, the trusty info is that most investors don’t must turn out to be effectively-be taught specialists on all things motherboard. As a change, searching to your “mobo” comes down to selecting a pair of things which can well well be vital to you. We’ll plod over them below.


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All of it comes down to unquestionably one of many largest parts of a motherboard: the CPU socket. Chip makers (AMD and Intel) alternate sockets every era or two. This interprets to a pair of years, on the different hand it also forces upgrades in the atomize, because an older motherboard is without atomize restricted to most attention-grabbing working an older CPU.

As an illustration, essentially the most as a lot as the moment sockets are in the meantime AM5 (AMD) and LGA1700 (Intel). They increase the Zen 4 (AMD) and the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake (Intel) generations of processors. An older CPU, negate an Intel Espresso Lake, will not speed on them; equally, a more moderen chip — at any time when these come spherical — will not fit and may perchance well well aloof require a up to date motherboard.

That’s why most folk open by picking the processor and the chipset. While the PC can’t speed without the motherboard, it’s the CPU that dictates what more or less performance you’re going to earn — amongst other things. Alternatively, it is seemingly you’ll well well’t match up every CPU with every motherboard, which is why it’s in total more straightforward to decide on your CPU of preference after which plod from there.

In case you’re asking yourself which CPU to prefer, we have a at hand info for that. Create sure to be taught in moderation in regards to the more or less socket your contemporary CPU requires.

What to attain whereas you’ve bought an older motherboard and also you desperately want to augment your system? Smartly, that’s the topic — not well-known. Swapping the motherboard to a more moderen one is your most attention-grabbing option, and at that level, it is seemingly you’ll well well furthermore must alternate out other parts looking on compatibility.

Invent factor

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How colossal is your case? That’s the following quiz to ask yourself whereas you happen to aquire a motherboard, and it’s potentially most attention-grabbing to prefer this in accordance with how colossal a PC you worship to must achieve. The ideal originate factor is E-ATX, adopted by ATX. Then there’s Micro-ATX, which cuts off a pair of inches and eliminates a pair of slots. It can well well furthermore acquire fewer parts.

E-ATX is frail for high-pause motherboards and is in total purposeful correct for enthusiasts in the absolute biggest PCs. You’ll desire a colossal case to suit it in, but in flip, you’re getting more ports and growth slots. ATX is the licensed originate factor, even supposing Micro-ATX is form of current too.

Mini-ITX is frail for little originate factor PCs. These computer programs take in less home whereas aloof being ready to take care of veteran-sized parts. Alternatively, the more worthy you produce them, the more they’d well well endure from thermal constraints as a result of restricted home.

When deciding on a originate factor, contain in regards to the size of your case and the forms of parts you worship to must achieve into your PC. In case you’re going for a high-pause PC achieve packed filled with the most contemporary hardware, you’re potentially at an advantage going with ATX. This also gives you more growth slots, but most of all, it fits neatly inside of a roomy PC case. That, in flip, methodology your parts may perchance well well acquire more home to breathe — and that’s vital as thermals can turn out to be a vital discipline whereas you happen to’ve bought unquestionably one of many most attention-grabbing graphics playing cards.

Speaking of graphics playing cards, there’s one more consideration to assign up in thoughts when picking the originate factor — how many slots your dream GPU will take in. Massive GPUs worship the RTX 4090 can take in four slots and even 4.5, but less indecent suggestions worship the RX 7600 are dual-slot and don’t require nearly as well-known home. While an RTX 4090 can fit inside of a Mini-ITX achieve, it not most attention-grabbing looks comic, but as well may perchance well well desire a onerous time the put cooling is concerned. In most cases, worthy GPUs feel most attention-grabbing in an E-ATX, ATX, or Micro-ATX.


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Motherboards come with a bunch of slots which can well well be purposeful to your PC. First of all, the motherboard dictates how many sticks of RAM it is seemingly you’ll well well bid, as an instance, and much worship the processor, it also locks you correct into a preference between DDR4 and DDR5 memory. While DDR5 RAM is aloof pricier, things will slowly shift and turn out to be the norm over time, so whereas you’re searching for a board now, it is seemingly you’ll well well must preserve in thoughts that searching for a DDR4 variant methodology you acquired’t be ready to augment without swapping it out in some unspecified time in the future.

You’ll also salvage PCI Categorical slots for your motherboard. There’s generally one x16 slot this present day, and that’s for the GPU — the times of working dual graphics playing cards seem to be in the support of us in user PCs. Alternatively, whereas you’re constructing a workstation for machine learning or other applications, high-pause boards achieve often goal bigger than one PCIe x16 lane.

There are also x1 slots for things worship sound playing cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB growth playing cards, and community playing cards (Ethernet), as well to SATA growth playing cards for things worship extra drives. As a lot as the moment motherboards also come with M.2 slots that will well well furthermore be frail for an SSD, even supposing some SSDs may perchance well well furthermore plod in the SATA slot.

When it involves PCIe slots, one more factor to assign up in thoughts is what era of PCIe your motherboard supports. Even supposing PCIe 5.0 is out already, SSDs and other parts that increase it are few and much aside, so the first factor to unbiased for is PCIe 4.0. PCIe 3.0 is slowly turning into dated tech, even supposing you’re going to aloof salvage it as the first option in older, budget-friendly parts.

produce sense of all of this? Most folks most attention-grabbing truly need two to four RAM slots, because it’s better to not bid a single RAM module for all of your memory and test out dual-channel RAM as a change. Storage-wise, an M.2 SSD is a exquisite addition to any PC, and also it is seemingly you’ll well well want to bid an SSD to your storage wishes too, seeing as SSDs and HDDs label quite well-known the same this present day.

Things worship Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are optional additions that will elevate the worth of your motherboard. They’re nice to acquire, but may perchance well well furthermore be added later. It’s worth noting that your motherboard will perhaps come with a built-in sound card, and that audio will doubtless be sufficient for nearly all americans other than audiophiles.


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Another factor to assign in thoughts are ports. Don’t let them be an afterthought, because it is seemingly you’ll well well miss them whereas you’re going to need too few. Let’s plod over a pair of of the commonest ports you’ll salvage in a user motherboard.

  • USB 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2: It’s seemingly you’ll well well like these for quite well-known every part, from your audio system to your mouse. Speaking from skills, having too few of these is de facto worrying. There are a selection of generations of USB ports, and as the amount goes up, so does the bandwidth — it’s better to follow USB 3.0 this present day the put seemingly.
  • USB Kind-C: You’re potentially acquainted with these from things worship mobile phone chargers. These ports are smaller, but they’ve their uses, even supposing peripherals aloof bid the licensed originate factor.
  • Audio ports: Many headsets and audio system this present day count on USB, but you proceed to desire a pair of three.5mm input/output audio ports.
  • Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt ports are quite rare in motherboards, but you’ll salvage them in high-pause models. These are high-coast input/output ports that will well well furthermore be frail to connect peripherals, monitors, external graphics, or portable drives.
  • HDMI/DVI/VGA/DisplayPort: DVI and VGA are quite well-known veteran by now, but you’re going to salvage them on older motherboards. HDMI and DP are more licensed to search out, but you’re going to most attention-grabbing bid them for integrated graphics, as discrete GPUs come with their bear ports (which it is seemingly you’ll well well aloof take care to hook up with as a change of the motherboard).
  • Ethernet: The Ethernet port is frail for connecting to the info superhighway, so it’s an vital except you’re picking Wi-Fi. More contemporary motherboards increase faster bandwidth, comparable to 10Gb.

Other than the rear panel, your motherboard will also acquire entrance panel headers that hook up with your case to bring some extra ports on the entrance of the case. Right here’s one more motive your motherboard and your case must closely match, not correct in size, but in parts too.

Extra parts

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There’s a buffet of extra parts worship expanded overclocking increase, improved temperature monitoring, extremely-durable constructing, etc. All these aren’t worth the cash. One goal we counsel enthusiasts assign in thoughts, even supposing, is active fan management. A motherboard that offers UEFI or instrument assign an eye fixed on of fan coast can produce your system quieter by reducing fan coast when your system is slothful.

Realistically, most folk acquired’t play with the BIOS and adjust energy phases too well-known. Alternatively, whereas you’re without a doubt taking a appreciate to push your PC to its limits and overclock, a high-pause motherboard is kind of vital.


Breaking News Intel Core i5-13600K installed in a motherboard.
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Final but not least, one more factor to assign in thoughts is future-proofing all of your achieve. As mentioned at some stage on this text, picking a motherboard truly methodology locking your entire computer to a definite era of processors and other parts.

Within the case of AMD, its earlier platform, AM4, lasted for over 5 years. In case you equipped the first CPU to be released for that chipset, you’ve frail the same motherboard for a pair of upgrades. Alternatively, now that AMD has moved on to AM5, folks that aloof acquire an older board acquired’t be ready to augment previous a definite level.

Intel generally adjustments its socket a tiny more continually. Even supposing the LGA1700 socket encompasses two generations, they both got right here in snappy succession, in 2021 and in 2022. Rumor has it that Intel’s subsequent-gen CPUs will swap to a up to date socket, so all these comfy Alder Lake and Raptor Lake householders will must dwell jubilant with their CPU choices for future years.

Swapping out a motherboard is extremely disruptive to the the rest of the system, as you’re going to must envision whether the entire parts align as soon as the processor is swapped out. Things worship case size, energy supply, cooling solution (some CPU followers are corpulent beasts), ports, and slots will all some other time come into play. That’s why whereas you store now, shall we counsel going for AM5 and LGA1700 as a change of older suggestions correct due to seemingly upgrades extra down the toll road. In spite of every part, this relies utterly for your budget and bid case, which brings us to the following part.

Breaking News Picking the trusty motherboard to your budget

Breaking News A Gigabyte Aorus Outrageous motherboard.

As we’ve now established, motherboards are quite diverse. Some are easy and work as a beginning level for the the rest of your computer, whereas others are high-pause and bring a bunch of parts all on their bear. Handiest you realize what you in the atomize must your PC.

As a total rule of thumb, motherboards are quite easy to overpay for, so that you just don’t necessarily need the ideal model correct to speed a midrange gaming PC. The folks that will well well well aloof without a doubt put money into high-pause boards are these that acquire a colossal budget and wish the extra slots, energy beginning settings, and overclocking increase. This entails recount creators, high-pause avid gamers, and folks that bid their PCs as workstations for AI workflows (or any other resource-heavy job). With that mentioned, nothing stops you from searching for a dear mobo even whereas you’re more of an casual user — it’s correct not without a doubt wished.

For the most contemporary generations of processors, motherboards are split into the following chipsets:


  • Z690/Z790: Alder Lake and Raptor Lake; high-pause models.
  • H660/H770: Alder Lake and Raptor Lake; these are midrange suggestions with fewer slots and never more overclocking increase.
  • B660/B760: Alder Lake and Raptor Lake; budget-friendly suggestions with fewer parts and slots.


  • X570/X470: Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3); high-pause suggestions.
  • X670E/X670: Ryzen 7000 (Zen 4); contemporary-gen high-pause models.
  • B550/B450: Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3); midrange boards for label-oriented builds.
  • B650E/B650: Ryzen 7000 (Zen 4); midrange boards for contemporary-gen AM5 CPUs.

It’s worth noting that AMD’s AM5 platform most attention-grabbing supports DDR5 memory, whereas Intel’s LGA1700 can increase either DDR4 or DDR5, but you’re going to must prefer one upon possess and acquired’t be ready to alternate that except you aquire a up to date motherboard down the toll road.

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As a lot as the moment-day motherboards can vary from cheap to life like to outrageously expensive. Alternatively, not like many other parts, searching for a motherboard in total revolves more all via the parts, slots, and compatibility in assign of budget.

In case you’re searching for a motherboard, open from the top of this info and produce notes on what you’ll need. As an illustration, whereas you worship to acquire a high-pause motherboard with earn correct of entry to to Wi-Fi and overclocking that supports Intel’s Core i9-13900K, you’ll desire a dear model along the traces of the

In case you don’t need something else worship, on the different hand, it may perchance perhaps perhaps well well assign you a lot of cash by searching for a B660 motherboard worship this


Survey a motherboard that ticks the entire containers you’ll need after which assign in thoughts the pricing. Care for in thoughts that except you’re without a doubt taking a appreciate to push your PC, you don’t desire a dear motherboard — but you also don’t need it to be the weakest agree with your PC. Seeing as motherboards vary from $70 to $500, you don’t must aquire the $500 model, but you’re potentially at an advantage spending an extra $30 to acquire a pair of more slots or better increase for various energy stages.

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