Mars First Logistics is much extra elegant than it looks to be

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Breaking News An ungainly crimson and blue six-wheeled space buggy in Mars First Logistics
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Indirectly, a game to unite Graham, Ollie, and me in a triumvirate of absolute dorks. Mars First Logistics is a game about designing diminutive moon rover buggies to decide issues up and force them to in other places.

Whenever you looked at it and went “ooh”, your coo lobe modified into staunch. “Arrangement a automobile” video games are in most cases too fiddly and/or competition-oriented for me, and trucking video games too businesslike and grounded. This threads the needle fantastically. Or no longer it is demanding, but gently, prioritising an approachable construct and soft controls without sacrificing the pleasure of solving a factual engineering puzzle. Or no longer it is even dazzling, so as that even frightful driving backward and forward is stress-free and rewarding.

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