Lucky Her! Virginia Woman Wins Online Lottery Game Twice In One Week

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A Virginia lady appears to were touched by success after a hit a lottery game twice in a single week! Jennifer Minton of Gloucester urged lottery officials she became “in shock” following the double accumulate.

In step with the VA Lottery, Jennifer first won $50,000 whereas taking half within the derive game Safari Quest. She won that prize in mid-October. Minton kept taking half within the lottery game, and one week later, she struck about 18 cases bigger!

Woman Shares How She Won The Lottery Game A Second Time

She became reportedly sitting round a campfire, casually taking half in Safari Quest on her phone all all over again. Minton noticed the jackpot “ reset,” but it didn’t without prolong location in that she became the winner. She remembers thinking, “Dang, any individual factual hit. They’re so fortunate!” 

About a seconds later, she made the provocative connection! Minton had factual won in relation to $1 million — $ 912,936, to be precise.

“I’m in shock,” she urged VA Lottery officials. “I’m in disbelief.”

Woah! Focus on lightning placing twice! A Virginia Lottery participant scored a $912,936 jackpot from Safari Quest factual one week after a hit $50,000 from the identical on-line game. ⚡️⚡️

— Virginia Lottery (@VirginiaLottery) November 1, 2023

Safari Quest is “one among dozens of on-line on the spot games” accessible within the dispute’s lottery app, officials say. They checklist the percentages of a hit as 1 in 3.84.

Profits from Virginia’s lotto make a contribution to Okay -12 education funding within the dispute. In 2023, the gambling proceeds made up about 10 percent of Virginia’s total college budget. That resolve became over $867 million.

The county Jennifer Minton lives in got about $2.7 million in lotto funds within the closing fiscal year, per the VA Lottery website.

Moral across dispute traces, a person in Maryland struck identical success to Jennifer Minton lend a hand in April. He remained unnamed, but dispute officials say he won a $50,000 lottery prize three cases in now not as much as 300 and sixty five days.

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US man wins lottery three cases with same amount: ‘It hit all all over again’ 💰💰💰💰💰💰#MarylandLottery #pick5 #Buck

— ABC Mundial (@ABCMundial) April 24, 2023

One other stand-out accumulate in this closing year involves a Florida mother. In April, she won a $2 million prize after the usage of her lifestyles savings to lend a hand her daughter amid her most cancers remedy. The mother, Geraldine Gimblet, chose to grab home a “one-time lump sum price of $1,645,000.”

Her daughter urged dispute lotto officials:

“The day before my mother bought this mark, I rang the bell and walked out of the sanatorium after winding up my closing remedy for breast most cancers. My mother had taken out her lifestyles savings to tackle me when I became sick. I’m factual so overjoyed for her!”

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