JACK POSOBIEC: ‘Chercher le pétrole’

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Breaking News JACK POSOBIEC: ‘Chercher le pétrole’

While referring to reasons The US must support some distance from entering World Struggle III by turning into involved in the Israel-Hamas warfare on Human Events Every day Wednesday, Jack Posobiec pointed to a lesser-diagnosed truth that may maybe well maybe be influencing why the warfare is taking place at this moment.

He printed that “Somewhat a few what we’re seeing just now may maybe well be being driven by the true fact that Israel perfect stumbled on a gigantic oil deposit just off of their coasts called the Leviathan oil subject.”

The Leviathan oil (or gasoline) subject is positioned in the Mediterranean Sea and began industrial production of gasoline at the very pause of 2019.

Posobiec continued, “So once I discuss about geopolitics of us commonly what I’m going to, and I take advantage of my rubric, is ‘look the oil’” Or as the French would command, “Chercher le petrole.”

Chercher le femme, or look the girl, is a customary French phrase.

“I would command ‘chercher le petrole’ in geopolitical affairs, world affairs,” he continued “on memoir of you may maybe be ready to sight that if truth be told drives a bunch of issues. That is obviously what’s driving Israeli and Azerbaijan interests just now, which is to the detriment of the Armenian Christians, as we are in a position to sight.”

He modified into once referring to the map that started in September in which round 120,000 Armenian Christians were “starved out” of their properties in the disputed Nagorono-Karabakh location of Artsakh for what looked as if it may maybe well truly be “ethnic cleansing operations” by Azerbaijanis.

“So in the event you appreciate that key factor,” he concluded, “then issues open to lock into save. However for sure, it additionally gave the Iranians a free hand. And now right here we’re. So we’re no longer talking about biblical philosophy, driving events, we’re talking about very regular geopolitics, very regular economics. That is what I sight driving issues.”

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