Ian Machado Garry believes he’s “carrying” UFC 292 on his back: “If it wasn’t for me, this card would plod down the drain”

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‘I’m the precious person on the card’

When asked if he in actual fact believes he’s carrying the card, Ian Machado Garry doubled down on his comments asserting he’s the factual valuable person on the card.

“For definite. I’m Irish, I’m struggling with in Boston, they’ve a wide Irish contingent. I’ve dependable been in Brazil for the final two-and-half months, the largest contingent for Brazilians is in Massachusetts in Boston,” Garry persisted. “Here’s the stage, the platform after I’m going in there, you acknowledged it, you received likes of Sean O’Malley and Aljamain and all these guys, I’m the precious person on the card. It happened in the final fight, it’s going down in this fight, the wheels are in motion, I dependable wish to illustrate up and abolish my thing and the field will explore.”

Ian Machado Garry enters his UFC 292 fight with a chronicle of 12-0 and coming off a TKO derive over Daniel Rodriguez.

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