Hana-Doll*~Flowering~ Boys had been aloof in a dream Anime Unveils Workers, TV Airing

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MOVIC‘s Hana Doll* gross sales intention at Animate Ladies Pageant 2023 unveiled the workers, personality designs, and television broadcast for the Hana-Doll*: Reinterpretation of Flowering anime on Friday.

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Masahiro Takata (Libra of Nil Admirari, The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World) is directing the anime at A-Precise. Risa Arai (18if make assistant) is designing the characters, and GyroKnuckle (The Family Cases of the Irregular Witch) is overseeing the series scripts.
Takanori Yamaura (Musasino!) is the animation producer at A-Precise, and UWAN PicturesSaya Fukase (Azur Lane, Ensemble Stars!) is producing the 3D CG. The franchise creator R/0 is additionally credited because the “Amagiri supervising producer.”

Within the narrative of the “2.5D idol project,” the “Hana Ningyō Mission” (Flower Doll Mission) exists to artificially make the “glorious idols” by implanting special flower seeds within their bodies. The franchise follows the enhance of younger men who commit their lives to the project.

The franchise aspects the seven-member all-male team Anthos* and the three-member all-male team Loulou*di. The franchise aspects tune, drama CDs, and merchandise. The principal drama CD with two songs shipped in June 2019. The “intellectually stimulating” allege material in the drama CDs encompass many investigative substances.

The anime will adapt the “first season” of the drama CD series, titled “Flowering.” The franchise is currently on its third season of drama CDs.

A manga for the franchise titled Hana-Doll*~Flowering~ Boys had been aloof in a dream launched in Kodansha‘s Shonen Magazine Edge in November 2020.

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