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Amazon has draw a long draw since its commence as an online e book shop in 1995. Right this moment time, it’s one in all essentially the most priceless companies on the planet, encompassing e-commerce, abilities companies, streaming companies, and even AI. 

Whatever the linked controversies, Amazon is a disruptor in quite a lot of fields and a firm rate paying attention to, as its affect is traceable all by approach to many sectors. Listed right here, we rounded up some key Amazon statistics that marketers desires to be paying attention to. These statistics comprise viewers and demographics files, earnings and market part files, seller files, and key Amazon traits. Let’s dive in.

Key Amazon Statistics For 2023

  1. Amazon has 310 million crammed with life users in 2023.
  2. Practically 60% of Amazon’s viewers is male, and essentially the most-represented age community is 25-34-one year-olds
  3. As of 2023, Amazon is valued at over $1 trillion, making it one in all essentially the most priceless companies on the planet.
  4. 62% of Amazon’s earnings comes from North The United States – of nearly $514 billion in earnings, $315.88 billion came from the residing in 2022.
  5. As of Q4 of 2022, there possess been 9.7 million sellers on Amazon, with 1.9 million crammed with life sellers and 2.2 million third-event sellers.
  6. 2022 saw the largest Top Day tournament in history, with over 300 million items bought and 60,000 items being supplied every minute within the US.
  7. In 2022, Amazon’s advert sales earnings reached$37.7 billion, over 21% bigger than in 2021.

Amazon Person Statistics

There’s no solution to estimate the particular preference of Amazon users, as the firm doesn’t commence such figures. But let’s hang a notion at what we construct be taught about Amazon user statistics.

Need of Spirited Amazon Customers

Breaking News No of amazon users

Source: AMZ scout

As of 2022, Amazon had over 300 million crammed with life users, and it has roughly 310 million in 2023. That’s over 90 million extra of us than your entire inhabitants of Brazil. 197 million of those users search the advice of with Amazon at least once a month.

In Also can merely 2023, the internet site had 2.3 billion crammed with life guests – handsome quite lower than the 2.4 billion who visited the positioning in March.

For the UK Amazon internet site, the relevant customer numbers for Also can merely possess been 352.4 million. And the Canadian and Jap Amazon internet sites had 171.3 million and 559 million guests in Also can merely 2023, respectively.

Amazon Top Membership

Breaking News Amazon Top users statistics

Source: Statista

Amazon Top is a subscription-essentially based Amazon program that provides a preference of advantages to its users, at the side of contemporary reductions, free shipping, and entry to the Amazon Top Video streaming provider.

It’s so favorite that after they raised their prices in 2022, most efficient 14% of American users reported intending to raze their membership.

As of 2023, there are over 200 million Amazon Top users worldwide  nearly two-thirds of all Amazon users.

Within the US, the preference of US Top users reached nearly 160 million in 2021 – roughly 65% of all Amazon users within the US. The figure is anticipated to develop nearly 10% by 2023, reaching 176.2 million users. In Canada, the part of Top users is 55% of all Amazon users.

Demographic Breakdown of Amazon Customers


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In step with Same Web, most traffic (over 82%) comes from the usa. And predictably, over 86% of internet site traffic comes from the UK.

By draw of gender, most of Amazon’s viewers on these two internet sites is male (reaching as worthy as 60% within the UK), and essentially the most-represented age community is 25-34-one year-olds. 

The gender and age disparities are specifically acute for cell Amazon customers within the UK, over 76% of whom are males and 52% are aged 25-34.

Person Engagement & Frequency of Purchases

Amazon user engagement metrics are a must for figuring out customer habits and evaluating the platform’s success. Some of those metrics comprise:

  • Common preference of purchases per user: Excessive numbers counsel excessive engagement and customer loyalty and signify the effectiveness of Amazon’s choices, UX, and marketing programs.
  • Talk about with frequency: Excessive frequency implies that possibilities score price in Amazon’s companies, believe the platform, and are extra more seemingly to draw.
  • Common time spent on the platform: Longer common time means that possibilities actively stumble on the selections, analysis merchandise, and score buy choices.

Buyer Opinions & Ratings

Breaking News opinions

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Analysis describe that nearly about 9 out of 10 patrons be taught opinions before shopping a product. Amazon browsing just isn’t very any exception, as its opinions are aged by 57% of patrons for analysis.

A huge motive patrons flip to opinions is believe. Obvious opinions and excessive rankings lend a hand as social proof, instilling self belief in patrons and influencing their buy choices – and easy Amazon overview-checking instruments are now aiding traders to score told choices.

Opinions also offer a verbal exchange channel between traders and sellers. They allow possibilities to part their experiences, provide feedback, and offer suggestions, which is ready to attend other customers score buy choices.

Amazon sellers would possibly also employ opinions to earn feedback, title areas for enchancment, and give a hang to their choices.

Amazon Person Loyalty & Repeat Purchases

Breaking News Amazon Top retention rates statistics

Source: Statista

During Covid-19, Amazon’s earnings and earnings skyrocketed, as you’ll stumble on beneath. A huge clarification for right here is possibilities’ loyalty to the platform. As many as 86-88% of Amazon patrons didn’t take into story other shops before making purchases in 2020-2021.

For Amazon Top subscribers, loyalty phases are even elevated. As you may possibly score a method to search out from the chart, 93% of Top users renewed their subscriptions for one one year and 98% for 2 years.

Analysis exhibits that the favorite Top subscriber’s LTV (Existence Time Tag) is $2283, and the LTV of an Amazon user who isn’t a subscriber is $916. When in contrast to Netflix, as an illustration, where the common LTV is $291.25, Amazon’s LTV figures are very excessive.

Source: Statista

As one in all the largest companies on the planet, Amazon boasts impressive earnings figures. As of 2023, the firm is valued at over $1 trillion, making it one in all essentially the most priceless companies on the planet.

Let’s hang a more in-depth undercover agent at Amazon’s earnings statistics.

Amazon Income Boost

Breaking News Amazon acquire sales earnings statistics

Amazon’s sales earnings has been rising gradually since its inception yearly, and in 2020, it skilled a development of over $100 billion, jumping from $280.52 billion to $386.06 billion within the home of one one year. In Q1 of 2023, Amazon made $127.4 billion – handsome $21.8 billion less than within the preceding quarter of Q4 2022.

By draw of annual acquire earnings, it became once also rising up unless 2022, when Amazon skilled a acquire loss of nearly $3 billion after several years of acquire earnings. Nonetheless, these earnings possess been $33.36 billion in 2021, with Q4 being essentially the most profitable at $14.2 billion, in consequence of the e-commerce huge’s recognition all the method in which by approach to the pandemic.

Amazon Income by Source

Breaking News acquire earnings statistics

Source: Statista

The lion’s part of Amazon’s earnings comes from the e-commerce segment, and that’s been the case for the closing eight years.

Right here’s a breakdown of Amazon earnings by source for 2020-2022:

Year E-commerce earnings, USD Physical stores earnings, USD Retail 3P companies earnings, USD Subscriptions earnings, USD AWS earnings, USD Ad earnings, USD
2020 197.35 billion 16.23 billion 80.46 billion 25.21 billion Forty five.37 billion 15.5 billion
2021 222.08 billion 17.08 billion 103.37 billion 31.77 billion 62.2 billion 31.1 billion
2022 220 billion 18.96 billion 117.72 billion 35.22 billion 80.1 billion 37.7 billion


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As an e-commerce retailer, Amazon has a extraordinarily big portion of the market part pie. As of 2022, its US market part became once 37.8% – by a ways the largest part held by a single online retailer. To overview, Walmart and eBay’s shares possess been 6.3% and 3.5%, respectively.

The firm also has a predominant market part in other sectors. Amazon Web Services and products, or AWS, is basically the most smartly-appreciated cloud infrastructure platform on the planet. In 2022, it boasted a market part of 32%. Its nearest competitor, Microsoft Azure, is some draw late, with a 22% market part.

And Amazon’s Neat TV product would possibly be on its solution to dominating the market. Fireplace TV’s market part is tied with Roku at 36% as of 2021.

Speaking of TV – Amazon Top Video would possibly be charging ahead within the streaming video market. As of 2023, it’s overtaken Netflix, shooting 21% of the market in contrast to Netflix’s 20%. 

Amazon Regional Income Distribution


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Unsurprisingly, the lion’s part of Amazon’s earnings comes from North The United States – of nearly $514 billion in earnings, $315.88 billion came from that residing in 2022. That’s nearly 62% of the firm’s total earnings.

By draw of the remaining of the enviornment, the retail huge’s efficiency varies. To illustrate, the firm’s efficiency in Germany in point of fact worsened in 2022 in contrast to 2021 – the 2022 earnings became once $33.6 billion in contrast to $37.33 billion in 2021.

Amazon Sellers Statistics

Amazon Marketplace gifts a huge quite loads of for companies to search out contemporary possibilities and have interaction with them. With over 7,500 merchandise supplied on Amazon every minute, most companies can score an viewers on Amazon.

Let’s hang a notion at Amazon seller statistics.

The Need of Amazon Sellers

Breaking News amazon sellers

Source: SellerApp

As of Q4 2022, there possess been 9.7 million sellers on Amazon, with 1.9 million crammed with life sellers and 2.2 million third-event sellers. Loads of the sellers (63%) are SMEs, and 76% of the sellers are making a profit. 

By draw of demographics, over two-thirds of Amazon sellers are males, and 58% of all sellers on the platform are within the 25-44 age bracket. The most overall age for an Amazon seller is 39.

Distribution of Sellers by Nation

Breaking News amazon sellers by nation

Source: Jungle Scout

As you may possibly score a method to search out, the massive majority of Amazon sellers draw from the US – no surprise, given the massive acquire sales earnings from North The United States. The UK and Canada draw 2nd and third, with 7% and 6% of sellers, respectively. 

The British and Canadian figures would possibly possibly seem shrimp – but take into story that there are over 9.7 million Amazon sellers, so 7% of that accounts for nearly 680,000 sellers.

Furthermore, most efficient one in all the discontinue eight Amazon sellers by feedback is from the US, and a British seller takes the lead in this regard. Right here’s a extra detailed overview of the discontinue Amazon sellers by total feedback:

Nation Seller’s title Entire feedback
UK musicMagpie 6,753,620
Germany MEDIMOPS 6,300,372
UK World of Books Ltd 2,119,679
Germany Amazon Warehouse 1,994,030
Germany reBuy eCommerce 1,558,641
India Cloudtail India 1,286,940
France momax fr 1,182,333
USA Pharmapacks 957,756 

High Courses for Sellers

Breaking News Amazon SMB product courses statistics

Source: Statista

As you may possibly score a method to search out, the “home and kitchen” class became once the discontinue class for impartial Amazon sellers in 2021. A be taught by Jungle Scout found that it remained the discontinue class in 2022 and 2023, with 35% of shops itemizing its merchandise in 2023.

Right here’s an elaborate of different product courses and their efficiency and recognition amongst Amazon SMB sellers in 2022-2023:

Product Class Sellers who listed it in 2022 Sellers who listed it in 2023
Magnificence & Private Care 23% 26%
Toys & Video games 20% 18%
Attire, Sneakers & Jewelry 18% 20%
Well being & Child Care 17% 17%
Sports actions & Exterior 16% 16%
Arts & Crafts 15% 14%
Books 15% 14%
Electronics 14% 16%
Pet Offers 13% 13%
Grocery & Connoisseur Meals 10% 13%

Third-Occasion Sellers vs. Amazon Retail

Breaking News 3P vs 1P sellers

Source: Jungle Scout

Third-event (3P) Amazon sellers are vendors who work on the Amazon platform by approach to Seller Central. The first-event (1P) relationship with Amazon entails Amazon shopping the seller’s product and handling the sales operations straight.

In step with a document by Sellerapp, 3P Amazon vendors promote about 7.4,000 merchandise per minute.

The statistic is made the entire extra impressive by the findings of Jungle Scout, which ascertain that 3P Amazon sellers stand up 70% of all sellers, and their sales stand up 58% of all Amazon sales.

Given the firm’s total sales figures, it represents a huge quite loads of for impartial sellers – no longer least because SMEs story for 2 million of the 3P sellers.

Success Methods

Breaking News Amazon third-event success programs statistics

Source: Statista

There are two programs of describe success accessible to Amazon sellers:

  • Success by Amazon (FBA), where Amazon handles success and describe transport.
  • Success by Service provider (FBM), where the seller handles success straight or by approach to a third-event transport associate.

FBA’s effectivity and big community score this draw essentially the most smartly-appreciated success draw for Amazon sellers, with 64% of sellers relying on it and 22% of sellers combining it with FBM, by letting Amazon tackle transport but doing the shopper provider and storage themselves.

Seller Prices & Income

Breaking News profitable sellers

Source: Sellerapp

Over 75% of Amazon sellers score a profit, and as many as 63% of them are profitable within their first one year on the platform. Over 36% of Amazon sellers possess an MRR of over $5,000, and 10% of sellers possess an ARR of $100,000.

In 2022, 37% of SME sellers elevated their earnings, according to Jungle Scout. For Endeavor Amazon sellers, the figure is 49%. 

By draw of the prices of developing a industry by approach to Amazon, most sellers (58%) use lower than $5,000 to initiate, and 25% use lower than $1,000. The charges in overall comprise the seller’s preference of thought, referral prices (8-15%), success charges, and other linked charges.

Lastly, we’ll hang a notion at key contemporary and future Amazon traits, at the side of Top Day, Marketing, Allege Commerce, and Non-public Labeling. Let’s dive in.

Top Day Gross sales

Breaking News Amazon Top Day product courses statistics

Source: Statista

2022 saw the largest Top Day tournament in history, with over 300 million items bought and 60,000 items being supplied every minute within the US. The most smartly-appreciated items amongst 18-34-one year-olds possess been make-up/skincare and home merchandise. Older viewers segments most smartly-liked home merchandise most.

Top Day 2022 accounted for YoY development of 8.1% in contrast to 2021, with total sales of $12 billion. The expand is a bit of bigger than the earlier one year’s 7.7% but is much smaller than the 20% expand of 2020.

Amazon Marketing Income

Breaking News Amazon worldwide marketing earnings statistics

Source: Statista

Marketing is one other one in all Amazon’s earnings streams, charging companies to advertise on its internet sites. It’s generally the largest one, but it’s no longer insignificant. In 2022, Amazon’s advert sales earnings reached $37.7 billion – over 21% bigger than in 2021. The figure is anticipated to reach $64.3 billion by 2026.

Amazon Marketing is favorite amongst brands as it helps them develop impress consciousness and reach contemporary possibilities. On the 2022 Top Day, advert spending became once up 169% in contrast to the earlier one year.

The firm would possibly be a predominant advertiser itself, as illustrated by partnerships akin to its Amazon-and-Pinterest multiyear adverts deal, which will allow it to focal level on merchandise to Pinterest’s 450 million month-to-month crammed with life users.

Allege Commerce & Alexa

Breaking News Amazon Echo most shopped courses statistics

Source: Statista

The snarl commerce phenomenon entails the utilization of snarl recognition devices to buy items online. Within the US, snarl commerce is most smartly-appreciated amongst millennials (49%) and Gen Z (44%).

Allege commerce customers employ a digital digital assistant (VDA) to walk searching and store online. The most smartly-appreciated VDA on the market on the present time is Amazon Echo, powered by Alexa – a deepest intelligence assistant. It’s dominating the market at 67% market part

Amongst Amazon Echo customers, essentially the most smartly-appreciated browsing class is e-com retail, with 25% of householders the utilization of it to store online in 2022. Meals browsing followed carefully late at 16%.

Non-public Designate Brands

Breaking News amz industry units

Source: Jungle Scout

The Non-public Designate industry model is basically the most smartly-appreciated industry model on Amazon, in line with Jungle Scout, with 54% of shops the utilization of it. It owes its recognition to its means to make a choice up sought-after merchandise and promote brands and merchandise on the platform.

What’s Subsequent for Amazon?

We’ve taken a notion on the stable location of the retail huge in diverse markets, and we’re confident that, on the least within the short and medium term, it’s going to retain its location. There possess been setbacks and changes, akin to Amazon shutting food transport In India, but the road has constantly moved up and to the factual.

Given Amazon’s fixed innovation in abilities, at the side of AWS and its a range of seller instruments, it’s no longer a ways-fetched to presume that enhancements will defend riding the firm’s development and allow it to branch out into worthy extra industries. To illustrate, the retailer has joined the generative AI bustle with the Amazon Bedrock commence. Clearly, there’s worthy extra to shrink back.


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