Gallup Poll Shows Half of Of American citizens Have Tried Marijuana

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Half of of American adults enjoy tried marijuana one day in their lives, in line with the outcomes of a brand new Gallup Poll launched final week. The resolve, the superb ever recorded, continues the make better within the proportion of American adults who roar they’ve experimented with cannabis, rising from handiest 4% when Gallup first asked the inquire better than 50 years within the past.

Fully half of of American adults enjoy tried marijuana at some time in their lives, in line with a brand new … [+] Gallup Poll.


Fully half of (50%) of those surveyed in Gallup’s annual Consumption Habits poll conducted final month said they had used marijuana at some time. The national polling group great in an prognosis of the gaze that while this 365 days’s resolve is essentially unchanged from the 49% and 48% readings in 2021 and 2022, respectively, the make better is statistically vital from the forty five% of adults who said they’ve tried marijuana recorded in 2017 and 2019.

Breaking News Amplify Continues Upward Pattern

The make better continues a pattern recorded since Gallup first began asking American citizens if they’ve tried marijuana in 1969, when handiest 4% answered within the affirmative. The share grew quickly over the next decade, rising to virtually a quarter (24%) of American citizens in 1977. By 1985, 33% of American citizens said they had used marijuana a minimal of as soon as. Though the ride of make better slowed over the next three a long time, by 2013 38% of American citizens said they had tried marijuana. Simplest two years later, the resolve had jumped to 44%, signaling the initiate of a brand new period of further quick make better that continues to on the original time.

By gender, a increased share of males (53%) than girls (44%) said they’ve a minimal of experimented with marijuana. By age, adults 35-54 showed the superb payment of past marijuana use, with 51% asserting that had tried the drug, while 49% of those ragged 18-34 and 47% of adults 55 and older said the same. Democrats seen the superb payment of those who said they had tried weed at 57%, while 52% of self sufficient voters and handiest 39% of Republicans said they had used marijuana at some time in their life.

The series of American citizens who roar they’ve tried marijuana has risen vastly over the last five … [+] a long time, in line with Gallup analysis.

Graph courtesy of Gallup.

Gallup great that the upward push within the proportion of American citizens who roar they’ve used marijuana coincided with an make better within the amount of those who toughen legalizing cannabis. In 1969, handiest 12% said they supported legalizing marijuana, while in 2023 legalization is supported by two-thirds (68%) of those polled. A filled with 23 states enjoy legalized leisure marijuana, while 38 states enjoy enacted whole clinical marijuana legalization.

Breaking News Uptick In Most up-to-date Weed Customers Furthermore Recorded

Since 2013, Gallup has also asked a separate inquire about contemporary cannabis use. When asked if they “smoke marijuana,” about one in six (17%) answered affirmatively in this 365 days’s gaze, the superb ever recorded and better than double the 7% first and main measured 10 years within the past. Younger folks reported the superb payment of contemporary use, a pattern previously great by Gallup, with 29% of adults ragged 18-34 asserting that they smoke marijuana. Seventeen p.c of adults ragged 35-54 said the same, while handiest 9% of those 55 and up said they smoke pot.

Rates of every experimentation and as much as date use of marijuana, by subgroup.

Graph courtesy of Gallup

By gender, 19% of males and 14% of girls said they are contemporary marijuana people who smoke. More than a fifth (21%) of Democrats said they smoke weed, while 17% of independents and 12% of Republicans said likewise. Interestingly, while about half of of every faculty graduates and non-graduates (49% for every) said they’ve experimented with marijuana, a fifth (20%) of non-graduates said they at the moment smoke marijuana and handiest 11% of those with a college degree said they are contemporary users.

To behavior the poll, Gallup surveyed a random sample of 1,015 adults ragged 18 and up between July 3 and July 27. The poll’s reported margin of sampling error is ±4 share parts on the 95% self belief stage. Furthermore, inquire-wording and just real difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public belief polls, Gallup great.

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