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Within the occasion you mentioned that your vehicle became as soon as breaking down, August Golden would quietly earn his tool kit, log onto YouTube, and determine uncomplicated systems to repair it. Within the occasion you actually cherished Taylor Swift — an artist that became as soon as now not his favorite — and suggested him you wished to launch a punk covers crew paying tribute to her, he would inform amicably and offer to play guitar and issue real so that you simply wouldn’t must build it on my own. And in the occasion you had been planning on inviting, he would real launch selecting up containers and loading them true into a vehicle to permit you to transfer — an act of beneficence by itself that licensed him as a god among mortals. 

All individuals who knew Golden, whose precise title became as soon as Nicholas Trevor Golden, remembered him as a quiet, kind, beneficiant, affected person, candy, and magnanimous friend who became as soon as interested to play his piece in supporting his natty crew of guests. Golden became as soon as a member of the DIY Minneapolis punk scene for the previous few years and singer-guitarist for the melodic, pop-punk trio Scrounger.

By 35, he had lived all across the nation sooner than settling true into a daily life that allowed him to construct art and dwell along with his guests on the DIY venue Nudieland, the build he helped handle gigs and ran the bar. He adopted the nickname “August,” presumably in tribute to labor activist August Spies. He became as soon as well-identified and loved, and guests who had met him in assorted towns sooner than he moved to the Twin Cities had been interested to reunite with him and proceed their shared enjoy of tune.” He embodied the values that our world of DIY punk rock hopes to embody and maintain,” Scrounger bassist Bryan Could unbiased tells Rolling Stone. “And he didn’t build it in a technique that became as soon as egotistical or centered round himself.”

Perfect Friday, an act of random, unprovoked violence ended Golden’s lifestyles and wounded many of his guests. All the procedure via a dwell efficiency by a invoice of Minneapolis punk bands — Rubberman, Texture Feaq, and Miracle Debt — an unknown man and a accomplice entered Nudieland, whose attendees that night time had been basically participants of the unfamiliar community, reportedly made derogatory statements about LGBTQ of us, and started firing a gun into the gang. He wounded six of us and fatally shot Golden. “It sounded esteem firecrackers,” Miracle Debt’s Mike Wilson says. “It took place so fleet.” The shooter and the more than just a few man fled the scene and are gentle at natty. It became as soon as the construct of impart that happens in cities all across the nation a week.

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Golden (left), with bandmates Bryan Could unbiased and Morgan Purcell

Courtesy of Bryan Could unbiased

As Golden’s guests anxiously pause awake for traits in the seek for his killer, they don’t prefer his legacy to be outlined by how he died. Some launched a GoFundMe to wait on his accomplice, with others launching yet another GoFundMe to wait on all of the victims of the taking pictures. The musicians in the Nudieland scene reveal their enclave as almost utopian — an inclusive community whereby all individuals is welcome and all individuals helps out, supporting one yet another’s art and goodwill. Golden, they speak, became as soon as an integral piece of the crew, a honest mannequin for sticking to your ideals and being a upright individual.

“He became as soon as actually dedicated to our community and to serving to of us construct tune and art,” Jac Brown, who roadied for Scrounger, says. Brown met Golden in 2014 in Portland, Oregon, and became as soon as angry to transfer to Minneapolis after they learned he became as soon as inviting there. “He became as soon as natty supportive, and he became as soon as actually hooked in to punk tune. His lyrics had been so horny, heartfelt, and weak.”

“He became as soon as very humble and a actually gentle individual,” Wilson provides. “He became as soon as very caring and beneficiant, and he would never ask for the relaxation in return. He cherished throwing shows and is conscious of it became as soon as foremost.” The final time Wilson talked to Golden, they had been reminiscing about a band they cherished known as Stikky, and Golden offered to dub a dwell tape he had of the band for Wilson.

Could unbiased, who knew Golden for greater than a decade, remembers him as somebody who became as soon as “about our linked lives and our extended punk family.” He and Golden had performed together in a previous band, Bagheera, named after a communal cat they took care of. “Heaps of the lyrics had been real about private points and struggles and losses that touched a huge selection of of us, equivalent to this one,” he says. “But he became as soon as always pushing you forward. It became as soon as laborious to search out of us esteem him.” Could unbiased, who became as soon as guests with Golden and Scrounger drummer Morgan Purcell, suggested they construct the band real after he moved to Minneapolis.


At the time, Golden became as soon as reappraising his lifestyles. Purcell characterizes Golden’s relationship with tune as being more of a give a boost to honest, so that they had been angry to behold him step into the highlight. He had been grieving over basically the most up-to-date deaths of a friend who died by suicide and his father, so the band became as soon as therapeutic. Purcell cites the tune “Crows” as feeling namely foremost, with Golden writing, “All of your words are in my head/And all of your crows are gentle left unfed.” “It became as soon as the metaphors of what became as soon as left in popularity of feeling negate loss,” they speak. “I mediate he became as soon as actually upright at talking in regards to the sensation and forgotten piece.”

The tune regarded on their 2022 demo, At the Edge of Our Skills, a title that makes the musicians chuckle since they adopted it from a backhanded compliment a friend had given them after their first gig: “It sounds equivalent to you guys are all playing on the perimeter of your abilities.” “That became all another time or much less our goal,” Could unbiased says, “to search out out what we are able to build in lifestyles after which are trying to push a tiny bit extra. I mediate August lived by that. In case you earn to be for your mid-thirties and also you’re gentle all for underground tune communities and also you’re on this natty community of guests, you transition to more of an adult lifestyles, nonetheless August became as soon as this type of believer.”

In case you behold at photography of Golden, he generally wears a runt grin — a designate of peacefulness and knowledge that complemented a warmth spirit. Even though he had a reputation for being quiet, all of his guests do now not omit that he cherished to originate up and talk about his favorite bands or real general rock & roll history. “He knew some issues about Jefferson Airplane which would per chance be actually attention-grabbing,” Could unbiased says, laughing.

Courtesy of Bryan Could unbiased

“There’s a actually drawl form of pop-punk that’s a general thread in the sorts of tune we esteem and play,” Wilson says. “It’s Southern-influenced and Bay Region-influenced to a diploma that our favourite bands are vague. But after I first met August, we had the total identical favorite bands generally: Hickey, Crimpshrine, and Horny. He knew every band that I cherished, and that became as soon as rare. The individuals who esteem these bands are a undeniable breed of of us.”

Golden wished to transfer to a stable community, his guests assume, after his father died. He had been residing in Fresh Orleans sooner than inviting to Minneapolis, and he and Purcell, who lived in Chattanooga, had bonded over the stress they felt in the South. They favored how welcoming Minneapolis regarded, and the procedure it felt safer and more inclusive than their previous locale. Could unbiased, who’d already been residing in Minneapolis, felt fair in regards to the metropolis unless Golden arrived and refreshed him. “The first week he became as soon as right here, he mentioned, ‘It’s unheard of,’” Could unbiased recalls. “‘All individuals looks to be so supportive of all individuals’s art. And all individuals is esteem, “Oh, that you simply might well also contain a fresh band? We’re coming to the impart, and we’re gonna dance and bawl and rob photography and impart you the procedure angry we are about your fresh band.”‘ And he skilled that.”

Could unbiased and Purcell lovingly reveal Golden as “punk as fuck” and “definitely now not a poser.” He in the fracture moved into Nudieland and made it his dwelling. His bandmates spoke to Rolling Stone from his room. “He had actually horny stuff,” Brown says. “He took care to restore weak issues. He noticed the associated price in stuff. He never threw issues away. He would always repair it. And he mounted issues for all of us as well: tape avid gamers, record avid gamers, guitars, autos, and trucks.

“It became as soon as a prefer, since he enjoyed doing it, on the opposite hand it became as soon as also an ethos,” they proceed. “It became as soon as about caring for every assorted and caring for issues. He wasn’t real priceless to be priceless; he actually believed in mutual abet and community and caring for every assorted. He became as soon as impressed by that, and we had been impressed by him doing that.”

Since Golden’s loss of life, his guests contain been gathering at yet another house to grieve. They’ve taken the week off work, and their guests — even some whom Could unbiased says contain bullet wounds — contain been bringing meals for all individuals to wait on in the therapeutic direction of. They’ve also been bowled over by the generosity and offers a boost to they’ve gotten from of us exterior of their tightknit community. The truth that an act of violence by an outsider has pushed them into upheaval has forced some to query uncomplicated systems to transfer forward within their inclusive community and offer protection to themselves at punk shows. But for now, it’s an originate-ended query — one which will excellent be answered via togetherness.

“We had plans,” Purcell says. “The final time we spoke with August, we had been esteem, ‘Yo, let’s title our record this,’ and ‘We’re going to record it in September,’ and ‘We’re gonna contain it out by our West Flit tour in winter.’ My lifestyles became as soon as popularity up round this individual, so that is a tragedy that’s going to rock so many issues in a single procedure, and in yet another, all my plans revolved round them.”

“It’s been actually laborious,” Could unbiased provides. “We’ve been in groups of of us many of the time, from 5 to 70 of us, and of us will real launch crying and bawl for a second, after which a second later, we’ll launch laughing. We’re sharing the upright reports and reflecting on the rather experiences and jokes and areas we went, on the opposite hand it’s been rather awful.”

“It’s laborious to behold forward, nonetheless I mediate we’re all making an strive to determine uncomplicated systems to build that simplest real now,” Purcell says. “We’re making an strive to determine uncomplicated systems to construct basement shows feel safe another time and what meaning.”


Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara mentioned on Saturday that the authorities are gentle making an strive to search out the shooter. “We assume the taking pictures became as soon as focused,” he mentioned, though he didn’t offer a motive. “And we contain two males that fled northbound via the alleyway after the taking pictures.” On Tuesday, a police safe mentioned there contain been no extra updates on their seek for the killers. Unless Golden’s killer is came across, his guests are treasuring their recollections of somebody who touched all of their lives.

“In his safe quiet procedure, he didn’t speak hundreds, nonetheless when he did speak one thing, it became as soon as actually good or droll,” Wilson says. “He had a terribly infectious smile and chuckle. You didn’t generally hear him belly chuckle, nonetheless in the occasion you did, it real felt actually upright.”

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