Fayetteville City Council adopts 2023 Strategic Idea

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The Mayor and City Council on July 20 licensed the 2023 City of Fayetteville Strategic Idea, that can attend as a handbook for the planning and style of the City for the following few years.

The 2023 file, which is readily accessible for viewing at, is in many ways an update from the 2018 Strategic Idea. Each and every have been developed by years of taking mark of the community and documenting the desires and priorities of the residents.

“It’s a crucial file,” mentioned City Manager Ray Gibson. “It’s comely thorough, and it outlines the initiatives we have now all talked about. This could perchance well handbook us over the next two to three years.”

Gibson infamous that the 2023 Strategic Idea will likely be up up to now as predominant at every annual City Council Retreat.

“Now we have got been working at this moderately diligently over the previous couple of years,” mentioned Mayor Ed Johnson. “I deem right here’s a cohesive file that clearly and concisely identifies what we are attempting to expend as a foundation.”

Here’s a sampling of town’s strategic targets:

Quality Of Lifestyles Targets

Goal 1. Produce A Sense Of Pronounce In Our Downtown And Internal The Diverse Exercise Facilities All the procedure by The City

• Action: Implement the targets and action items of the Complete Idea, Livable Facilities Initiative (LCI), and Downtown Charrette

• Action: Produce and implement a recreation/parks master thought

• Action: Produce and implement a cultural arts plan

• Action: Stimulate a differ of style that meets the wants of the community

Goal 2. Enlarge Pedestrian Connectivity All the procedure by The City

• Action: Replace the City’s Multi-Exercise Plod Gaze and conduct explicit path stories

• Action: Acquire and form multi-expend trails throughout the City

Goal 3. Present A Vary Of Housing Alternatives

• Action: Produce and implement a revitalization thought for Church Avenue and Sugar Hill Communities

• Action: Promote a differ of housing alternate choices

Retain & Enhance Infrastructure Targets

Goal 1. Make investments In The Gaze, Acquire, And Constructing Of Contemporary Infrastructure

• Action: Acquire, Engineer, And form the downtown motorway network to consist of the growth of City Heart Parkway

• Action: Acquire and form the West Fayetteville Industry Park sewer line

Goal 2. Beef up And Enhance Present Infrastructure

• Action: Fabricate the predominant enhancements or upgrades to the stormwater gadget primarily primarily primarily based on the 2022 ISE Gaze

• Action: Fabricate the predominant enhancements to the City’s water and sewer lines as requested by Obvious Water Alternatives

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