Fans Grieve the Tragic Lack of Nami Sano, Writer of “Sakamoto Desu Ga?”

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We all bear in mind the goofy, offbeat comical sequence “Sakamoto Desu Ga?”. There’s that profound simplicity about this anime which aspects a mysterious and properly-organized-taking a look man who has won the hearts of many.

This masterpiece used to be written and created by the intense mangaka Nami Sano. Nonetheless, now we absorb lost this substantial soul to cancer, and here are extra tiny print about the anguish.

The reliable Twitter account for Kadokawa‘s Harta journal revealed that manga creator Nami Sano left the sphere on August 5 as a result of cancer. Sano’s family members held a funeral on August 7 and 8. She used to be 36 years former.

Sano passed away solely a month after being identified with cancer.

The editors of Harta shared an excerpt from Sano’s final letter, which reads: “This ended up being a stress-free life. I am now going to a extra free world. Goodbye.” From the show, it feels she had made peace alongside with her anguish.

She executed two manga sequence, which got substantial responses. And it’s even sadder sparkling she won’t be here for the premiere of the anime adaptation of “Migi to Dali.” We are able to also never win to search extra work from her. She used to be in the planning levels of a recent manga whereas struggling with the illness. And tragically, she wasn’t ready to even birth the manga.

Sano used to be a marvelous and properly-renowned mangaka. And he or she passed contrivance too early. It feels so unfair. Nonetheless, we’ll enact nothing to intrude with the route of life.

We are able to solely pray for her to leisure in peace. While she would possibly seemingly well no longer be here, her works absorb offered and ought to proceed to give happiness to many.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto  is a Japanese manga sequence written and illustrated by Nami Sano. The sequence has been licensed for an English open by Seven Seas Leisure. An anime tv adaptation produced by Studio Deen aired between April 8 to July 5, 2016.

The fable is centered for the duration of the extremely well-liked Sakamoto: a flawless boy genius who is wisely loved by every pupil and the college college (other than Kakuta) in the excessive college for his coolness. No topic the queer scenarios he would possibly seemingly well simply secure himself in, in total consisting of pranks put apart up by the golf green with envy male inhabitants of the college, Sakamoto constantly manages to emerge in absolute perfection and as a end result makes himself seem even cooler.

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