Engwe X24 assessment: Fleshy tires, fats payment

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Breaking News engwe x24 e bike assessment fats on left facet shot in opposition to cornfield background

Engwe X24 assessment: Fleshy tires, fats payment

MSRP $1,900.00

“We’re now now not obvious how Engwe packed a triple suspension, dual batteries and hydraulic brakes into a bike at this assign.”


  • Lunar-lander styling

  • Gentle streak

  • Twin batteries save better using differ

  • Heavy frame inspires self assurance

  • Masses of scurry and torque

  • Easy-to-be taught AMOLED cloak


  • Too heavy to raise

  • Incomplete proprietor’s guide

  • Rear seat, nevertheless no foot pegs

  • No fenders

Breaking News Engwe X24 left quarter shot with cornfield background.
Bruce Brown/Digital Traits

That you might perhaps also just now now not be accustomed to the Engwe e-bike trace, nevertheless you’d maybe enact a double rob whilst you happen to observed the brand new Engwe X24 rolling down the road. The all-terrain fats tire bike combines vogue, characteristic, and relaxing at a assign that appears too appropriate to be appropriate.

It’s the heart runt certainly one of three new X-sequence fats tire e-bikes that Engwe launched concurrently this summer season as its flagship line of crawl-wherever e-bikes. With mannequin numbers denoting wheel size, the brand new X20, X24 and X26 e-bikes embody significant enhancements over the fashioned X26.

The Engwe X24 isn’t a scurry demon bask in the Ariel Rider Grizzly, or a featherweight commuter bask in the Gocycle GX, nevertheless when the avenue gets rough, the X24 finds its enviornment of interest. I learned the X24 to be a self assurance-challenging, versatile, and mighty e-bike that became equally competent using in grime and on diversified off-avenue surfaces and paved streets. That you might perhaps also even use the X24 as an e-bike for commuting, as long as you don’t ought to lug it upstairs or on elevators.

You’ll feel avenue cracks and rocks, nevertheless the X24’s jolt-softeners will enable you to streak longer without feeling beat up.

The X24’s main guidelines items embody dual batteries, a triple-suspension machine, hydraulic disc brakes, dual brake lights, a 31-mph top scurry, and a 54- to 149-mile differ, looking out on using mode and scurry. That’s an appealing combination, especially at the $1,900 list assign.

Whenever you owned a pair of e-bikes, the X24 might perhaps well also very well be the one you’d streak when your plans weren’t stable and likewise you had been open to without reference to turned up.

Breaking News Classes learned from the past

Breaking News Engwe X24 rear wheel appropriate facet displaying rear coil shocks and mid-frame shock.

Moreover the brand new sizes, how does the brand new X sequence differ from the fashioned X26? Most severely, you web more torque, an adjustable entrance suspension, and a much less complex formula to use two batteries.

The rear hub power electrical motor from the fashioned bike silent puts out 1,200 watts height energy and 1,000 watts continuous, nevertheless now outputs as a lot as 70 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque, up from from 60 Nm on the fashioned X26. That manner the more fresh e-bikes pull stronger, especially uphill. The entrance forks are also adjustable now, allowing you to space compression and preload damping.

In shriek to use both batteries with the sooner maintain, you needed to swap an affect cable from the main battery to the smaller backup battery. Now, both batteries join to an integrated mixer. When the main battery is depleted, correct turn off the e-bike’s cloak panel temporarily and then turn it aid on to use the power within the second battery. That you might perhaps also payment both battery on or off the bike, nevertheless most efficient one battery charger comes accepted with the bike.

Breaking News Dimension and portability

The X26 and X24 fold within the heart of the bike frame to verbalize the second battery. The handlebar stems enact now now not fold, which is a accepted feature on most other folding bikes. And appropriate luck carrying this 90-pound behemoth wherever after you fold it. Even whilst you happen to can pull it off, it’s appealing to believe anyone would voluntarily enact it typically.

The $1,700 Engwe X20, the smallest mannequin in Engwe’s new X Series line, is a more worn folding bike, identical to the Engwe EP-2 Pro folding e-bike I just lately reviewed. The X20 motor has decrease energy and torque output and never more mighty dual batteries than the X24 and X26.

None of the X Series are minute e-bikes. The X24 has a 36-crawl minimal seat top, and Engwe recommends it for riders measuring a minimal of 5-feet 2-inches broad, while the X26 is for riders a minimal of 5-feet and 7-inches broad. Because I’m 5-feet 8-inches broad when I inhale, I opted for the slightly smaller, nevertheless silent enormous X24.

There might perhaps be one thing unsuitable with the vogue Engwe measures rider top. In shriek to comfortably attain the X24’s pedals, I needed to space the seat post below the minimal counseled top, and even then the tip of the seat became 36 inches from the bottom. I became extraordinarily glad pedaling and using with that adjustment, nevertheless became conscious that I had adjusted the seat top out-of-spec.

Breaking News Softening your streak

Breaking News Engwe X24 appropriate facet fats shot with cornfield background.
Bruce Brown/Digital Traits

The X24’s lunar-lander vogue isn’t correct for seems — it also accommodates a triple-suspension maintain: entrance shocks with adjustable preload and damping, a pair of air shocks over the rear axle, and a minute mechanical shock within the heart.

But seems can deceive. The heart and rear shocks don’t contain mighty scramble, the truth is, and the entrance forks compress most efficient three inches. You’re now now not going to use this two-wheeler for aggressive jumps, scramble using, or downhill rides. But for average off-avenue using or any style of street using, the X24’s triple-contact suspension componentry does a beautiful job smoothing the bumps.

Four-crawl wide tires now now not most efficient wait on elevate uneven terrain, nevertheless their sidewall flex helps soften the streak very a lot. They’ll contend with as a lot as 20 pounds per square crawl (psi) of rigidity, nevertheless I learned that 18 psi became the candy space for some extra flex without compromising performance or steadiness. Furthermore, the accepted plush seat measures 3 inches at its thickest and sits on a metallic frame, including a chunk of more give whilst you happen to hit a curb or pothole.

You’ll silent feel irregularities, cracks, and rocks within the avenue, nevertheless the X24 enables you to streak longer without feeling beat up.

Breaking News Life within the (broad) driver’s seat

Breaking News Engwe X24 handlebar with rider controls including cloak shifters, hydraulic brakes, bell, and thumb throttle.

The X24’s hefty frame and multipart suspension rapid gave me self assurance in its steadiness. I hit free sand and broken pavement at scurry impulsively more than as soon as, and the bike’s fats tires didn’t hurry or web squirrely. I also ran an unplanned braking take a look at when a younger deer darted in entrance of me all over a deepest avenue. I became most efficient going about 10 or 12 mph at the time, nevertheless the mighty hydraulic disc brakes silent halted all 90 pounds of motorcycle rapid and without ache.

Engwe lists the tip scurry as 31 mph. I did web out about that scurry as soon as on the fantastic AMOLED cloak, nevertheless more typically I observed 25 to twenty-eight mph with fats throttle on pavement.

The X24’s 70 Nm torque doesn’t motive the tires to chunk the avenue as we’ve skilled with e-bikes built with scurry because the tip precedence. Our dwelling has a protracted, steep driveway, and the X24 conquered it without reveal, with energy bleeding off correct a chunk of bit from a appealing originate up at the underside.

I enact contain a pair of gripes in regards to the X24. The assembly directions use rough graphics of motorcycle parts where high-possibility photos will be more vital. And the guide isn’t total. Let’s keep in mind, the generic battery charging share might perhaps well also contain been for any e-bike. Engwe’s web sing material does offer vital videos, nevertheless they silent don’t conceal all methods.

There ought to now not any fenders for the X24, both accepted or as listed accessory choices on the Engwe web sing material. Whenever you intend to use an X24 for commuting or as an city bike, fenders might perhaps be crucial.

Furthermore, the X24 has a passenger seat nevertheless no foot pegs. The seat felt glad ample, nevertheless without foot pegs, you received’t save it far. A minute rear rack without the seat upholstery would likely be more beneficial to most house owners.

Breaking News A hearty recommendation

Breaking News Engwe X24 straight on entrance image in opposition to cornfield, highlighting the entrance semi-knobby tire.

The Engwe X24 is an especially relaxing bike to streak, even supposing its overall size, weight, and seat top might perhaps well also just require some getting passe to. There are a form of admirable all-terrain fats tire bikes accessible, such because the Rad Energy Bikes RadRover. The Engwe x24 has a assign profit over many of the e-bikes in this category, alternatively, thanks to its dual batteries, mighty motor, multipart suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and overall assured, competent, and glad streak. I suggest the X24 heartily for anyone shopping for a rapid, relaxing, crawl-wherever e-streak.

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