Employee Faces Police Action for Destroying ¥0.5 Banknote

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A video circulating on social media has caught consideration because it reveals a parking attendant in Shanghai refusing to just catch and subsequently tearing a 5 Jiao (RMB0.5) banknote.

Parking attendant in Shanghai refuses to just catch and subsequently tearing a 5 Jiao banknote. Video thru Sina News 新浪新闻

In the video, the attendant would be heard announcing, “Let me pay for you, it doesn’t matter…” sooner than promptly ripping up the banknote in her hand.

Fixed with Pudong Police file, the incident occurred at a automotive car parking zone shut to Shanghai Pudong Of us’s Neatly being facility.

Fixed with this unlawful act of destroying currency, the Pudong police like taken administrative action against the parking attendant eager.

Fixed with connected guidelines, intentional destruction of Chinese language currency might well additionally just terminate up in a warning from the police and a magnificent of as much as RMB10,000.

In the first quarter of 2023, China Central Monetary institution imposed monetary penalties on two entities and their responsible folks for refusing to just catch Chinese language currency in money, as required by guidelines.

In these instances of economic recovery, every penny counts! Let’s abet them intact and assign them to factual spend – your wallet will thanks for it!

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