Dell XPS 17 analysis: An excellent workhorse or coding computer… whereas it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe dangle ample cash it

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Dwell Science Verdict

The Dell XPS 17 is one amongst the most gorgeous workstation-love fashion laptops, although its occupy would maybe maybe seem a dinky conservative to a pair at this point.


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    Extremely effective

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    Elegant audio system

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    Intellectual and well-made

  • +

    All-day battery existence for light responsibilities


  • Makes use of a lower-vitality GPU

  • 720p webcam

  • Dear

Why it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe belief Dwell Science
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The Dell XPS 17 is a computer that must be nearly all issues to all folks. Effectively, all folks with the exception of these on a upright funds. 

It has fashion, crucial productivity vitality, it’ll play video games up there with about a of the most attention-grabbing, and we’ve even used it as an ultraportable as allotment of our trying out. That large display veil veil and highly effective hardware scheme or no longer it is a supreme computer for coding and programming. We’re determined that it’d be a good pupil laptops too, however at the worth Dell is asking, or no longer it’s shrimp to a select few.

So, what’s the worth for all this? Our exact Dell XPS 17 spec charges £3699/$2999, which by myself options it out for, well, upright about each person. 

Peaceable listening? In case you’re taking a see to drop that powerful cash on a computer, we judge it’s seemingly you’ll maybe procure a lot to love right here. 

Dell XPS 17: Mark and availability

Breaking News Dell XPS 17 computer

The rear of the Dell XPS 17 computer. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)

The Dell XPS 17 series started in 2020. You might maybe maybe recall listening to about this vary a decade or more ago, however this massive mannequin is fairly novel. 

This explicit iteration became presented in February 2023, and rolled out to markets internationally a dinky after. 

As is frequent with Dell PCs, there are loads of specs on hand, however love the MacBook Knowledgeable vary, none device cheap. The most realistic charges £2299 in the UK at the time of research, $2049 in the US. 

Our analysis spec has an first fee tag of $3,549.00/£3699 and supplied narrate from Dell for $2,999/£3299 at analysis. 

Dell XPS 17: Assemble & usability

Breaking News Dell XPS 17 computer

Entrance search for of the Dell XPS 17 computer. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber weave occupy
  • A dinky too heavy for all-day portability
  • Intellectual make quality

Dell has started to mess with parts of its classic computer occupy recently, with the mildly wild XPS 13 Plus. Nonetheless the Dell XPS 17? Right here is the Dell fashion each person is aware of and, mostly, indulge in. 

Its lid is aluminum, as is the underside. The inner is decked out in a carbon fiber weave, designed to spice up tension. It be an clear, crucial-taking a see occupy. And whereas it has been round for ages, the Dell XPS 17’s large-slim display veil veil borders indicate you are seemingly to be no longer going to mistake this for one thing launched years ago. 

Nonetheless is it if truth be told moveable? No longer in a broken-down sense. The Dell XPS 17 weighs 2.44kg, a beefy kilo more than what we’ve in options supreme for day after day roving use. Nonetheless, its tiny display veil veil borders and sub-2cm thickness indicate it would maybe maybe match into a same old-size rucksack upright honest. 

We spent per week utilizing the Dell XPS 17 out and about and not utilizing a remark, however carry out dangle a take under consideration whether or no longer it’ll be too heavy if that is your conception week-after-week. Imagine one thing love the LG Gram 17 or 16 in expose for you factual low-weight portability. 

Peaceable, we had no worries about its resilience out on the street. The steel lid is sturdy, the keyboard plate soft and stiff. It be what we ask of from Dell’s feeble XPS line. 

Dell XPS 17: Show

Breaking News Dell XPS 17 computer

The Dell XPS 17’s 4K expose looks large 4K touchscreen, although an OLED chance would were good. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Elegant maximum brightness
  • Intellectual coloration saturation

One key cause to connect aside up with that weight is the Dell XPS 17’s XL-size display veil veil. It comes in two flavors, a Corpulent HD fashion expose and the 4K 3480 x 2400 monster we’ve right here. Right here is of the increasingly current 16:10 ratio, which makes busy apps no doubt feel more roomy whereas leaving upright tiny black bars above and below widescreen videos. 

The Dell XPS 17’s coloration depth is unbelievable, masking Ninety 9.9% of the Adobe RGB gamut in step with our colorimeter tool. It be legitimate-grade coloration saturation. Most brightness of 544 nits makes light work of writing paperwork originate air on a sunny day, and is kind of 10% greater than Dell’s dangle claim. 

For sure, the MacBook Knowledgeable 16 can mosey powerful brighter nonetheless, with 1000-nit same old brightness and 1600-nit HDR. Nonetheless on the Windows side, right here is amongst the brightest large-display veil veil laptops we’ve viewed. 

There’s upright one exiguous weak spot. Distinction is upright OK at 1000:1 to 1370:1 looking on the display veil veil brightness. If you use the Dell XPS 17 in a darkened room to take a look at a film, you are going to search for that the “blacks” are seemingly to be no longer no doubt that black. Whereas right here is same old for an LCD, we’re now in an age the place OLED monitors, which dangle shut to-supreme black ranges, are slightly frequent in laptops. It would no doubt be a capable computer for picture editing, however whenever you are crucial about it, we’d indicate springing for one thing with an OLED expose love the HP Spectre x360 16.

A quantity of ingredients to indicate off right here contain that the Dell XPS 17 has a touchscreen, soft-taking a see edge-to-edge glass, and uses a same old 60Hz refresh fee. We occupy no longer judge that is powerful of an argument for work, however gaming laptops on the entire dangle powerful faster-reacting shows this demonstrate day.

Dell XPS 17: Keyboard & touchpad

Breaking News Dell XPS 17's keyboard.

The XPS 17’s keyboard is large, however despite the scale it would no longer dangle a dedicated quantity pad, which can attach aside some users off. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)
  • Top-tier glass touchpad
  • Elegant, although slightly same old, keyboard occupy
  • Extremely effective audio system

The Dell XPS 17 would no longer grab the same old formula to keyboard occupy for a computer this size. You might maybe maybe in total look a separate NUM pad off to the side, as became as soon as the conference for the relaxation 15.6-saunter or greater. Right here, you upright fetch the core array of buttons, in roar in confidence to preserve the keyboard centered with the display veil veil. 

The keys are seemingly to be no longer slightly as deep as these of a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and no longer slightly as fleet because the mechanical designs of some gaming laptops. Nonetheless they are deeper than these of a MacBook, and no doubt feel large for long-occupy typing. 

Their no doubt feel is slightly of unruffled slightly than clicky, and typing will not be no doubt too noisy, until you launch hammering the space bar, which is able to generate a upright clack when whacked. The keyboard also has a multi-stage white backlight, as you’d hope. 

The spare space to the left and upright of the keys is given over to the speaker array, a quad-driver setup that sounds upright. There’s exact volume and projection right here, plus a upright amount of bass for a computer. 

It be slightly much less of a well serene and built-in sound than the MacBook Knowledgeable 16, however that computer space a extremely excessive bar. 

Breaking News Dell XPS 17 trackpad.

The Dell XPS 17 has an infinite and overjoyed trackpad. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)

The Dell XPS 17’s touchpad is unbelievable too. It be an infinite, extremely-gentle pane of textured glass with a classic mechanical clicker, slightly than the haptic kind Apple has used since 2015, and others dangle experimented with in extra fresh years. 

There’s nothing rotten with this older fashion. The Dell XPS 17’s pad has a velvety-feeling clicker, equivalent to those of Microsoft’s top Floor laptops sooner than the firm started taking part in round with largely frightful haptic designs. 

Working on this computer feels large, with one remark. 

The Dell XPS 17’s webcam is in the befriend of the cases in tech terms. It’s a 720p digicam, at a time when most top fee laptops dangle started to utilize no no longer up to 1080p cams. There’s more to digicam image quality than resolution, however the swish image right here doesn’t sit well with the computer’s tag and its otherwise consistent excessive quality stage. 

Dell XPS 17: Efficiency & aspects

Breaking News Dell XPS 17 computer CPU badge.

Our XPS 17 got right here with a highly effective Intel Core i9-13900H CPU. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)
  • Intellectual all-round efficiency
  • No longer supreme for hardcore gamers thanks to lower-vitality GPU

The Dell XPS 17 is a exact efficiency computer, in particular in the spec we’ve. It uses Intel’s top-stay Core i9-13900H CPU, 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD and the Nvidia RTX 4070 graphics card. 

This sounds love a killer line-up, and it’s. Nonetheless it’s seemingly you’ll maybe nonetheless dangle one crucial element in options whereas it’s seemingly you’ll maybe very well be drawn to graphics efficiency. 

Dell uses a vitality-shrimp version of the Nvidia RTX 4070 that puts a necessary limit on efficiency. For instance, in 3DMark’s Time Observe take a look at the Dell XPS 17 scores 8799 aspects. A maxed-out gaming computer with an RTX 4070 that can scheme up to 140W would maybe maybe ranking as powerful as 12000 aspects. And a desktop RTX 4070? You might maybe maybe very well be taking a see at 16000 aspects. 

Dell says it’s shrimp to 60W. Utilizing the MSI Afterburner app we if truth be told seen it many times reach 70W when there became vitality to spare i.e when the CPU became utilizing very dinky. Nonetheless, determined, 60W is the conservative max. 

Excessive vitality and low-vitality playing cards all dangle the “RTX 4070” title, however the Dell XPS 17 fully affords a dinky over 50% of a home gaming PC with this kind of card. 

Nonetheless does it topic? The Dell XPS 17 is clearly no longer a computer made essentially for gaming. And it’ll nonetheless play Cyberpunk 2077 with ease, no longer least on account of this generation of playing cards has a feature known as physique generation. Right here is equivalent to the physique interpolation utilized in TVs, however powerful smarter, and can well over double physique rates in supported video games.

For sure, whereas you’re the XPS 17 proprietor Dell if truth be told has in options, it’s seemingly you’ll maybe very well be more seemingly to utilize the GPU vitality for video editing or 3D modeling more in total than gaming. 

The Dell XPS 17 can play video games, however isn’t particularly made for the job. You might maybe maybe hear this in its fan behavior too. The most radiant workstations and gaming laptops sacrifice slimness in roar in confidence to residence a cooling diagram that is refined, and avoids the excessive-pitch declare frequent in slim PCs. Dell’s XPS 17 would no longer declare, however it does dangle a treble aspect that is more difficult to push aside because the fans launch to receive the mosey. 

Dell XPS 17: Battery existence & connectivity

Breaking News Dell XPS 17 computer

Facet search for of the Dell XPS 17 computer. (Image credit rating: Andrew Williams)
  • All-day battery existence for light jobs
  • You’ll want an adapter or dock for older connectors

The Dell XPS 17 has an XL-size 97Wh battery. Add upright 10% more and you wouldn’t legally be ready to grab this computer on a plane. 

Now we dangle viewed stories that this computer fully lasts 3.5 hours between costs, however that has no longer been our skills the least bit. In PC Mark’s Up to date Space of industrial it lasted 10.5 hours precisely. This take a look at is designed to emulate same old office job workloads, if admittedly including sessions of sitting round doing nothing. 

After utilizing it out of doors at maximum brightness, working without breaks, our trying out says it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe ask of the Dell XPS 17 to final upright under six hours of sunshine work. Right here is all upright news pondering this computer has a slightly exciting display veil veil of 4K resolution. These excessive-res shows can at cases be crucial vitality hogs. 

Adore all laptops this highly effective, the Dell XPS 17 needs a greater, heavier vitality provide than, bid, a MacBook Air. It’s a 130W provide, however is nonetheless powerful trimmer than the frequent gaming computer PSU. 

You might maybe maybe ask of classic USB-A ports in a computer of this fashion, however there are none. There’s masses of seemingly to prolong this with a dock, although, on account of the Dell XPS 17 has four extremely-like a flash Thunderbolt 4 connectors. Dell throws in a frequent dongle to flip one amongst these into a USB-A and HDMI 2.0 port. 

A quantity of connectors on the Dell XPS 17 contain a combi headphone/mic jack and a beefy-size SD card slot. 

If you aquire the Dell XPS 17?

The Dell XPS 17 is a highly effective, clear computer that impresses on more than one fronts, and faces two main roadblocks. 

Right here is an costly computer, upright love the Apple MacBook Knowledgeable 16, and more workstation-fashion vitality is on hand for much less from some enthusiast gaming laptops. The Dell XPS 17 would maybe maybe be no longer that moveable-friendly, no longer like the smaller items on this household. 

Nonetheless, laptops love this display veil that the outer parts of occupy and make are more than upright superficial. Besides to feeling robust, the Dell XPS 17 has a high quality keyboard and a extremely supreme touchpad, which ranges-up the day after day no doubt feel of utilizing the PC. If you’d love a highly effective, well-built computer with an infinite display veil veil and it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe belly the worth, then the Dell XPS 17 is a unbelievable selection.

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Andrew Williams is a contract journalist essentially based mostly totally shut to London. He has written about tech for over a decade, contributing to sites equivalent to WIRED, TechRadar, TrustedReviews, Wareable, Stuff, T3, Pocket-lint and heaps others. When he’s no longer masking fitness tech, he writes about cell telephones and computing, besides cameras. 

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