CS2 gamers beg Valve to fix one ‘problematic’ feature sooner than open

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Counter-Strike 2 hype is off the charts, with gamers discussing the sport an increasing kind of daily. On Aug. 9, they talked about a feature that desperately needs fixing sooner than open.

One participant on Reddit analyzed how some agent skins stumble upon in obvious areas, particularly Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl on Anubis. They pointed out from obvious angles, the agent’s head is almost invisible. In incompatibility, the default agent is a long way more straightforward to set, in actuality giving an unfair profit to these with a pores and skin.

“I don’t focus on Valve will seemingly be pushing aside agent skins, nonetheless I speed Valve to thrill please fix these contrasting differences. At the naked minimal, the frilly of the agent skins (esp the pinnacle) would perhaps well also just mute be not just like the background in all maps,” the participant acknowledged.

And other gamers couldn’t agree more.

“I trust all of this. Since day 1 that the agents came out, they be pleased been wack. Individuals abusing some agents skins is solely straight up problematic for an aggressive ambiance,” a participant on Reddit responded.

Some gamers even came up with suggestions that would resolve this field, adore simplest displaying default skins in aggressive fits. Nonetheless despite the strategies, they’re convinced Valve gained’t hear. “Valve would pretty alter every problematic spot of a method to effect agents more readable than deal with the challenge without delay,” one participant acknowledged.

We can’t converse we disagree with the sentiment. Whereas agent skins are disabled in most legitimate tournaments to dwell aggressive integrity, they are able to break video games in CS:GO matchmaking, and be pleased already finished so in about a of my video games.

With CS2’s arrival on the horizon and Valve taking its time to fix as many points as that you simply would possibly want to well presumably take into consideration, we’re hoping the devs grasp action.

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