College football realignment: Dissecting that Notre Dame-Stanford conference proposal

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Even as it’s good to comprise to hear dejected opinions and brutal suggestions then merely search “Notre Dame” on the app previously is named Twitter at any time when college football realignment conversations come up. On fable of Notre Dame is in a scoot space with its football independence, fans and media individuals alike can’t wait on Notre Dame out of their mouths.

The day earlier than this day we regarded at broken-down Florida head coach Dan Mullen’s brutal thought that Notre Dame must unexcited comprise saved the Pac-12. Currently we creep to the land of Andy Staples for one more Notre Dame thought.

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Staples claimed on Thursday that Notre Dame wouldn’t ever produce it, nevertheless it’ll unexcited invent a football simplest conference with Air Force, Army, Cal, Navy and Stanford.

That’s not a joke, he in fact did.  Under I shatter down moderately of what Staples needed to explain earlier than studying about a of the social media response to his put up.

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The Atlantic Flee Convention is doing due diligence on the capability addition of two faculties that sit a median of 18.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean. This means we’ve clearly entered the No Sinister Solutions allotment of conference realignment brainstorming.

Optimistic, factual now it’s reached the Sinister Solutions allotment. Now not when USC and UCLA made up our minds to be a half of the identical conference as Rutgers, nevertheless simplest now it did. OK.

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“If Swarbrick and Notre Dame’s management comprise been in fact fascinated by helping out the aforementioned world-class tutorial institutions, they would perchance perchance moreover. They’d perchance moreover originate a conference of their agree with.”

Here’s the factor, Andy: Notre Dame has helped out Stanford and Cal by going to bat for them in the ACC. Would it be better if Notre Dame sat back and didn’t creep to bat for the 2 the least bit?

Particular they may be able to produce extra nevertheless they would perchance perchance moreover moreover produce plenty lower than they’ve. With out Jack Swarbrick going to bat for them, Stanford and Cal would don’t comprise any shot of gaining entry to the ACC. They reputedly not regularly comprise one nevertheless their probability of getting in a large-time conference not lower than unexcited has some life thanks to Notre Dame’s actions.

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Staples proposed conference may perchance be Notre Dame, Cal, Stanford, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

“This is in a position to build ancient rivalries Notre Dame-Stanford and Notre Dame-Navy beneath the identical umbrella. It may probably perchance comprise the Army-Navy sport, which is a big television property. It may probably perchance comprise the choice games that judge the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy. And — here is the allotment that must enchantment to the of us responsible in South Bend — it may perchance bundle six of the nation’s most selective tutorial institutions into one unit.”

You produce this, Andy, and it’s a death certificate for Notre Dame going ahead.  For beautiful measure why not invite Northwestern, Duke and Vanderbilt, too, gorgeous?

Georgia Tech perchance, too?

Optimistic, it may perchance provide that. What it may perchance also provide is brutal football when put next to the true vitality conferences that exist. Yeah, Notre Dame brings cost on that front and Stanford and Cal historically are better than Duke and Northwestern (in overall), nevertheless they’re not exactly powerhouses, either.

This is in a position to perchance be comparable to what the Extensive East was once in basketball after everyone left about a decade ago — factual worse.

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“This is in a position to perchance be Notre Dame becoming a member of a football conference by itself phrases by making its agree with. It’s miles perchance football-simplest, allowing the colleges to play extra shiny regional schedules in their other sports activities.”

That doesn’t produce it any better, Andy.  Notre Dame doesn’t must be a half of a conference. It doesn’t must be forced into a conference. It doesn’t comprise to invent its agree with conference.

I’ll negate it again factual to produce it obvious for you (and about a of my colleagues here on the College Wire web sites):

Notre Dame has no ardour in becoming a member of a conference for football.

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“Meanwhile, the Irish doubtlessly may perchance up their share — which is perchance significantly higher than the others because they’re the key intention — by forcing NBC to repeat in opposition to CBS and ESPN/ABC, all of which would desire the Irish on their networks.”

Beget a deal and relationship with NBC that has gone on for over 30 years, and likewise it’s good to comprise to creep and take a look at roughing up those feathers, gorgeous as Pete Bevacqua is leaving NBC Sports activities to alter into Notre Dame’s athletic director. Appears to be as if a incorrect belief.

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“Notre Dame may perchance unexcited play USC yearly and would comprise six other time desk slots to play with. Would SEC and non-USC Extensive Ten faculties unexcited time desk the Irish? Fully. They guarantee a fleshy stadium and a large TV rating.”

Or the Irish may perchance play USC, Stanford and Navy yearly and continue to comprise 9 games to own moreover them (four after the sizzling ACC settlement).  Andy is gorgeous here that they’d unexcited be ready to time desk enormous-time opponents out of conference, scoot. They’d also turn themselves into the Gonzaga of college football the put they’re the big fish in a microscopic conference pond.

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“So what’s in this for Notre Dame? Nothing, in fact. And that’s why it may perchance by no system happen.”

Because it’s probably you’ll perchance be ready to repeat from the nationwide response to Notre Dame pitching for Stanford and Cal to be a half of the ACC, there may be nothing in it for them there, either.  Yet they did it to be ready to take a explore at and produce the gorgeous factor – in contrast to reputedly the leisure of this sport.

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“Here is factual one more example of why it’s good to unexcited by no system snoop on what the of us responsible of college sports activities negate. That you need to always unexcited simplest appreciate what they produce.”

I did appreciate and I noticed Notre Dame produce extra to take a explore at and wait on Stanford and Cal than literally any other college or university in the nation for the reason that tumble of the Pac-12.

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“Particular, Swarbrick thinks it may perchance be a tragedy if Cal and Stanford didn’t comprise a critical conference home for his or her sports activities. So produce most of us who work in college sports activities. However Swarbrick and his mates in South Bend in fact comprise the juice to repair what they’ve acknowledged as a danger. Will they produce that? No. They’re going to settle the finest direction for Notre Dame — which is in fact their gorgeous — and let the others fend for themselves.”

Yeah you’re gorgeous, Andy. Notre Dame must unexcited comprise factual saved its mouths shut and not tried to wait on the least bit. Or better yet – abandoned Stanford like nearly your entire remainder of their conference did.

Explore below for the finest social media response to Staples’ allotment

Nothing brings out irascible takes from nationwide writers like Notre Dame.

It’s enthralling how of us comprise to wait on ND to a dilapidated that it would not the choice conferences. Very miserable common sense here.

ND has constantly been autonomous. They by no system modified, everyone else did. Of us disregard that.

— Bryan Driskell (@CoachD178) August 10, 2023

That’s perchance the worst belief I’ve ever heard, no that may by no system happen

— Ace Football Analytics (@js_ace_football) August 10, 2023

Here is one in every of the worst suggestions I’ve viewed concerning realignment

— LuxxND (@LuxxND) August 10, 2023

Andy halt attempting to produce receive a factor… here’s a ridiculous belief. Be better

— AHL (@aladd9) August 10, 2023

What P5 team has ever scheduled there triple-option/flex bone sort offenses in the up-to-the-minute generation? That would produce any groups time desk a nightmare preparing for those 3 jumbled in w/ 9 dilapidated offenses.

— Babaganoush (@PLACT_ITFDB) August 11, 2023

ND ONLY cares about Stanford being in the ACC to comprise them in a vitality conference for strength of time desk.

— Bryan (@BJG_CO) August 10, 2023

This wouldn’t be a vitality conference. It’d be just like the WAC is in basketball.

UCONN & UMASS need properties too … ND kinda widespread in Contemporary York & Boston

— Trenton Gates (@Gates9Trent) August 10, 2023

Trenton has come what may discovered a system to produce this conference belief even worse.

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