Chainsaw Man Is the Latest Anime to Obtain a CASETiFY Co-Lab

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Chainsaw Man Is the Latest Anime to Obtain a CASETiFY Co-Lab

by Kara Dennison
August 16, 2023

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We already know that CASETiFY loves anime followers. They shook up Shinjuku for an Evangelion Co-Lab, and there are masses of other past collabs with anime and manga flair. Later this month, they’re going to be teaming up with Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man… and we’ve got a serious peep on the goods accessible!

Whether or now no longer you’re loyal to Makima, fancy Power, or suitable want some Pochita cuteness accessible, this contemporary Co-Lab will bring. Rob a watch!

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The first arc of Chainsaw Man introduces us to the masses of faces of Division 4. Led by the compelling Makima, this team makes contracts with devils in present to fight devils. These otherworldly beings take their names from human fears esteem guns, bats, spiders, and even falling. The stronger the dismay, the stronger the devil. Luckily, by means of Denji and his cute buddy Pochita, Division 4 has the vitality of the Chainsaw Satan on their aspect.

Among the many masses of cases accessible are persona portraits. Sport Denji, Makima, Power, Aki, or Kobeni on our phone. Every has their bear uncommon rep!

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While CASETiFY specializes in phone cases (it’s within the name), the Chainsaw Man line has your entire day-to-day carry covered. Magsafe wallets, smartwatch straps, tablet and laptop covers, and additional are all included within the toll road. Besides to persona-centric designs, there are also display cloak references and mirrored “sticker” cases.

Plus, you should well possibly possibly relieve the entirety you will want charged and in a position to maneuver. Wireless chargers and airpod cases are also on supply in extra than one designs. So you should well possibly possibly pick your persona or kind and rep the entirety match!

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After all, the finest boy of Chainsaw Man will continuously be Pochita. And he’s the broad name of this contemporary merch plunge! Besides to the entirety above, there’ll seemingly be a divulge-edition Pochita airpod case. This sweet chainsaw boy will preserve by your aspect, in a position to encourage when it’s time to listen to to your favorite tune or podcast.

The contemporary Co-Lab is appropriate about a days away! Whenever you should well possibly possibly very successfully be desirous to must be one among the predominant to rep your fingers on these goods, talk over with the CASETiFY web draw and rep on their priority list. Precedence potentialities can have an exclusive four-hour window in which to take their goods. After that, gross sales proceed live worldwide. All the pieces goes on sale August 22, so relieve an search for out!

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