Capcom Presents A Obscure Nevertheless Mildly Promising Change On Mega Man’s Future

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Or no longer it has been practically 5 years for the explanation that final mainline Mega Man game (and practically two a long time for the explanation that final mainline Mega Man X game – no immense deal), so it be understandable at this level that fans of the franchise are alive to to hear about where the franchise would possibly well well well be heading next.

Capcom is clearly fairly inquisitive about the Blue Bomber itself, having released a decision of entire collections over the years on Swap, including this year’s Mega Man Fight Network Legacy Series. At its most standard Abnormal Assembly of Shareholders, on the opposite hand, the publisher became asked about its plans for the sequence going forwards.

Capcom’s respond became predicatably stable and vague, but promising on the opposite hand:

Q: Mega Man Fight Network Legacy Series became released in April and has surpassed 1 million devices in gross sales, contributing to existing IP utilization and user growth. What are your plans for the Mega Man sequence?

A: Including Mega Man 11, the most standard entry within the franchise, Mega Man is one amongst Capcom’s historic IPs and is liked by fans, and as such we prefer to take care in how we keep the sequence. We are pondering design the production of up to the moment entries within the sequence, which requires a mountainous choice of components, including the construction of a stable intention, suggestions and gameplay, and a lot of others.

So, love we talked about, it be beautiful vague. The correct news though is it sounds love Capcom is at the least actively maintaining Mega Man at the forefront of its priorities, although it will no longer namely feel uncover it irresistible for fans straight away.

We’re betting a brand mild mainline Mega Man game is most undoubtedly on the playing cards within the end to future. The query, on the opposite hand, is when

Are you hoping to peek a brand mild Mega Man or Mega Man X game on Swap? Which sub-sequence is your favourite? Enable us to know within the comments down below.


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