Appears to be like to be like Cherish Lego Animal Crossing Items Are Coming

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Nintendo and Lego are planning to starting up Animal Crossing Lego sets in step with the most up-to-date records from respectable Lego leakers on-line. Whereas this records is doubtless to be provocative, care for in thoughts none of this has been confirmed by Lego or Nintendo yet. Gathered, the knowing of a Lego minifig version of Tom Nook is making me more than overjoyed.

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Lego and Nintendo beget already been working together for some time now. In 2020, we got our first legitimate Lego Mario sets which integrated an evolved, electronic Mario resolve. Since then, Lego and Nintendo beget released an increasing number of sets, in conjunction with a gargantuan Bowser, a Lego-constructed NES, and even a buildable Search records from Set apart Block from the Mario series. Right here’s all successfully and correct, nonetheless Nintendo has many varied franchises that are ideally fitted for Lego, so it’s good to listen to some credible rumors pointing toward the existence of Animal Crossing Lego sets.

Earlier this week, a handful of respectable Lego leakers across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube quick that Nintendo and Lego were working on five Animal Crossing sets that are planned to be released in March 2024. Exabrickslegogo was once one of the principal fundamental leakers to document on the sets after their rumored IDs looked on Brickmerge, a online page online that scrapes Lego’s backend procuring for any original sets or adjustments. Whereas Brickmerge’s records doesn’t stammer what these sets are—upright their fragment depend and starting up window—Exabrickslegogo and Falconbricks beget claimed they’re the Animal Crossing sets so many contributors beget wished for years.

Within the previous, these accounts beget leaked Lego sets months earlier than they were formally published or sold. So after they posted on August 2 that five Animal Crossing Lego sets were rumored to be in pattern, the Lego community got very wrathful. Various leakers and Lego insist material creators beget since backed up the rumors and added that Lego is planning to starting up minifigs of quite so a lot of Animal Crossing characters with original molded heads that can nonetheless peer very an identical to their in-recreation counterparts.

Essentially based totally on the leakers, listed below are the five sets planned for starting up with their rumored costs and datamined fragment counts:

  • Put 77046 – $14.ninety nine (170 items)
  • Put 77047 – $19.ninety nine (164 items)
  • Put 77048 – $29.ninety nine (233 items)
  • Put 77049 – $39.ninety nine (389 items)
  • Put 77050 – $74.ninety nine (535 items)

Pointless to stammer, let’s no longer neglect that plans can swap. It’s imaginable one or more of these obvious sets would perhaps obtain delayed or outright canceled. (That’s took place in the previous.) It’s also imaginable that the toy firm was once indeed working on Animal Crossing sets, as reflected in its database, nonetheless that Nintendo and Lego beget already canceled the sets and moved on.

Or even the Lego leakers are correct all yet again, and Animal Crossing Lego sets will starting up on Could also merely 1, 2024. If that’s the case, be willing for them to sell out very, very like a flash.

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