Android 14 to delivery out killing fat-masks push notifications from gradual 2023

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Breaking News A brand novel Android 14 environment? (Source: Mishaal Rahman by draw of X)
A brand novel Android 14 environment? (Source: Mishaal Rahman by draw of X)

Most most modern steady forms of Android enable apps to spawn fat-masks notifications with impunity. On the opposite hand, the next model of the OS has been spotted with a novel environment that lets in a user to deactivate the “intent” in the serve of them. It is far depicted as engaged on all apps, excluding those with clock or name functions.

The humble up-to-date Android expertise is fat of days by which adverts can interrupt a game to steal over all the masks. On the opposite hand, they’ll also impartial be over quickly, would maybe maybe also impartial aloof a novel discovery posted by Mishaal Rahman pan out.

The tech contributor and researcher claims to rating found a novel option in the upcoming upgrade to Android 13 that lets in the user to revoke “fat masks intents” from any app. Effectively, nearly any app: those with functions corresponding to alarms or receiving calls would maybe maybe maybe be the very most interesting ones exempt from the option to quit them sending “notifications that screen all the masks“.

This novel per-app environment is but every other example of the improved alter over permissions in the Android variations of the outdated couple of years. This one reportedly targets one called USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT, which all apps can currently exploit to monopolize a mobile tool’s entire philosophize with doubtlessly undesirable messages. 

The principle steady model of Android 14 is aloof in the wings; with a microscopic luck, this novel environment will in all probability be active from its first expert or steady model

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