7 Snack Swaps for Kids With Food Allergies

Planning food and snacks for children with meals allergic reactions may be a undertaking for parents. But there are many easy substitutions to make in order that your toddler can get lots of vitamins and nonetheless keep away from allergens. Whether your toddler is allergic to nuts, eggs, wheat, peanuts, milk, or greater, we’ve got a healthful, easy snack recipe and swaps to hold children secure and satisfied.

1. Swap Another Nut Butter for PB&J
If your toddler is allergic to peanuts, a conventional peanut butter and jelly sandwich is off-limits. Opt for some other healthful nut butter that your toddler isn’t allergic to, along with sunflower seed butter. Cream cheese is some other fulfilling filling for youngsters who may have dairy. If your toddler is allergic to wheat, strive making little sandwiches out of a cored, sliced apple or slices of banana.

2. Swap Applesauce Parfait for Yogurt
A fruit and yogurt parfait is a candy deal with for a hungry little one. But in case your toddler is allergic to exploit, you could nonetheless make a delicious (and nutritious) fruit parfait with out yogurt. Try applesauce crowned together along with your toddler’s preferred sparkling fruits, along with strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Sprinkle with toasted oats or wheat-unfastened granola, or make your very own with gluten/wheat-unfastened oats. Or, strive a dairy-unfastened soy yogurt opportunity to ordinary yogurt in case your toddler is not allergic to soy.

3. Swap Corn Tortillas for Flour
A rollup makes a healthful and transportable afterschool snack for hungry children. For a wheat-allergic toddler, choose a gentle corn tortilla as opposed to flour. Top with a slice of deli chicken, turkey, or different lean meat, and a few lettuce and a slice of tomato. This is likewise a wonderful desire for children who’re allergic to exploit. Add a slice of cheese or unfold a few cream cheese in case your toddler can tolerate dairy.

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4. Swap Popcorn for Pretzels
Air-popped popcorn gives grains with out lots of calories—and it’s secure for youngsters who’re allergic to wheat. Opt for rice cakes, rice crackers, corn chips, or rye crackers for greater wheat-unfastened alternatives (don’t forget to test labels). Pair with fruit, vegetables, and a lean protein like a slice of turkey for a whole snack.

5. Swap Cream Cheese for Peanut Butter
‘Ants on a log’ (peanut butter unfold on celery with raisins) is a fave early life snack. But in case your toddler is allergic to peanuts, you could absolutely fill the celery stick “log” with low-fats cream cheese. Top with raisins or dried cranberries for a candy deal with with brought vitamins. If it’s secure on your toddler, strive filling the celery stay with hummus (normally incorporates sesame seeds and chickpeas)

6. Swap Soy Milk for Cow’s Milk in a Smoothie
Smoothies make a wonderful afterschool snack that’s filled with vitamins. Whip up a healthful candy deal with on your toddler for your blender. Toss in frozen fruit (berries, peaches, mangoes and greater all paintings well), and use soy milk in vicinity of ordinary cow’s milk for a kid who’s allergic to exploit however now no longer soy. Blend and serve with a straw in vicinity of ice cream, milkshakes, or smoothies made with dairy.

7. Swap Tofu for Eggs in a Scramble
Scrambled eggs folded right into a quesadilla make a nutritious, savory, and protein-packed snack for children. But in case your toddler is allergic to eggs, strive cooking up cubed organization tofu and lightly crumbling it with a fork. Sprinkle on a piece of turmeric for yellow coloring and flavor. Top with a touch cheese (choose soy cheese in case your toddler is allergic to dairy) or even a few salsa for additonal veggies. Fold into an entire wheat or corn tortilla.

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